Saturday, 28 September 2013

A Romantic Dinner For Two

Last night my darling man and I went out for a beautiful romantic dinner at our favourite restaurant, Guiliano's on Barry Island. It's a family run Italian that serves the best gourmet food, all local produce and it is just divine! It also gave me the perfect excuse to dress up! 

Jacket - Beth Ditto for Evans (her first collection), Dress - ASOS Curve, Tights - Evans, Shoes - River Island, Bag - Vivienne Westwood, Lipstick - Barry M.

I adore this dress! It is such a flattering, comfortable but also sexy material, it is the perfect leg length and it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion! 

Nail Varnish - Nails Inc, Spiral Ring - Primark, Heart Ring - Urban Outfitters.

I am absolutely obsessed with nail varnish and painting my nails (I plan to write a post on my favourite polishes at a later date!). This Nails Inc Polish is absolutely amazing, the shade is Picadilly Circus and it's a very dark pink that looks almost burgundy and the quality of the polish is incredible! It goes on so smooth and dries flawlessly and quickly! I use a Rimmel topcoat that I find is better than a lot of the expensive top coats I've tried over the years! 

Jacket - Charity Shop, Shirt - Charity Shop, Slacks - Peacocks, Boots - Charity Shop.

My man is the ultimate bargain finder. He picks up the most insane bargains in charity shops! This jacket for example is a Baracuta Harrington and sells for £90, my man found it for £5 and it still had the tags on! He is so effortlessly stylish and I just adore every single thing about him.

Here is a close up of my face for the evening! As per my previous blog post this is my usual makeup routine with a little lipstick added to mix things up! People say redheads can't wear pink but it all depends on the shade! Never say never!

And for those of ya'll that were wondering what I had to eat! I absolutely stuffed my face haha and it was divine! Deep fried calamari with homemade chilli mayonnaise, swordfish steak with Provencale sauce, carrots, brocolli and homemade chipped potatoes and then a caramel torte to finish! Glorious!

Lots of Love,


  1. i love this dress !! and you are such a cute couple! perfect match :)

    and thanks for the bloglink at instagram :) just added your blog to my blogroll