Saturday, 28 September 2013

My First OOTD!

I am excited to be posting my very first OOTD! It is an outfit suitable for charity shopping and lunching with my man and getting my haircut.

Hat - Made by my mans friends Mum, Jacket - Beth Ditto for Evans (collection one), sheer shirt - charity shop, body - ASOS Curve, leggings - very old Newlook Inspire, fringed socks - Primark, shoes - River Island, Bag - Vivienne Westwood.

I love finding things in charity shops but it isn't something that happens to me often as I find there aren't too many plus size charity shop donations on the whole, so this shirt was a very pleasant surprise! It's so comfortable and versatile and even though it's sheer it is super warm, so more suitable for slightly colder weather. This hat is a god send to me because I don't suit a great deal of hats as I have a gigantic head but this one keeps my hair perfectly in place on those insanely windy days (one of the draw backs of living on an Island) and doesn't make me look ridiculous! 

I've also never worn a body before but this one was donated to me by a friend and it fits shockingly well! It's really comfortable and thankfully easy to do up and undo for when nature calls.

Finally, I love these shoes. With all my heart. They are so comfortable it's unreal and can be dressed up or down depending on the outfit and occasion! 

To finish, here is my delicious lunch from today - a New York style steak sandwich (medium rare) with fried onions, mustard mayonnaise and Emmental cheese and a divine little Dark Chocolate & Peanut Artisan flapjack I purchased at Penarth's tiny farmers market!

Lots Of Love,

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