Sunday, 6 October 2013

To Leeds With Love

This weekend we took a very unexpected road trip to Leeds for the night! We had a fabulous time and saw some fabulous bands and this is what I wore.

T-Shirt - ASOS Curve, Pinafore - Alice & You for ASOS Curve, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Fringed Socks - Primark, Loafers - River Island, Backpack - ASOS.

I adore adore adore this Alice & You Tartab Pinafore. It is comfortable, a gorgeous material and could be dressed up or down! For this occasion I chose to wear it with a basic ASOS Curve boyfriend fit t-shirt. I wasn't entirely sure what the material would be like and being on the bustier side, I did size up which I think was a wise decision just to allow a little extra room in that department! The waist is elasticated but also has a zip - so comfortable and practical. I really would urge everyone to buy this! 

This backpack is very old ASOS and I did used to wear it every single day. But since the purchase of my Westwood, I now save this beauty for outings in which I know I will need to carry a little more or be standing up for long periods of time because a backpack is much more comfortable in those instances I believe. The leather has started to flake slightly but I've had it for well over a year and it is still going strong.

My hair has gotten to the stage where all I want to do is cut it off. It is at the nothing length from where it refuses to grow for an insanely long time, but, this time I am truly determined to grow it (as I've said it 100's of times before and just given in and cut it off). Curling it seems to be my only slight relief from the frustration of middle length syndrome.

Now we are heading home, slightly worse for wear, a 5 hour car journey ahead of us. I am wearing my oldest, most comfortable ASOS Curve Peter Pan Collar dress, my hair isn't done and I have splashed on the absolute minimum of makeup. 

Some serious car sleeping is in order.

Lots Of Love,