Saturday, 2 November 2013

Style It Saturday - 50's Pinup

I am always so excited when I get the email through with the latest Style It Saturday theme!

This time the theme is 50's Pinup! Initially I read it and was super excited but then I realised I actually don't have a whole lot that would work with this theme! 

I think the pinup look is incredibly hard to pull off and when it's worn well it looks fantastic but when it isn't, it can lean slightly towards the tacky side (and not the fabulous kind of tacky). So I have tried to put together a look for this theme with a twist of my own style. It may not be entirely historically accurate or classic but it is definitely me!

Dress - ASOS Curve, Cropped Cardigan - Primark, Bow - eBay.

This dress is very, very old ASOS Curve and I love it! The material is so soft and flattering and sits perfectly around my curves. I tend to avoid wrap dresses because they do seem to encourage embarrassing boob slippage but I made an exception for this dress (I just use a small safety pin and pin the dress to my bra in order to avoid this issue!). The capped sleeves are so cute, perfect for wearing on display or under a cardigan/wrap/jacket. I also love this dress because the side tie stays tied! There has never been an occasion where I've had to fiddle with it to make sure it stays on, it holds for as long as you wear it!

The cardigan is new season Primark and I love it. It is unbelievably soft and fluffy and so comfortable. It can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and what you wear it with. It has fabulously tacky big diamond buttons and would be perfect for Christmas parties! I bought this in a size 20 and although it would gape if I wanted to do it up (which I wouldn't anyway!), it fits flawlessly otherwise and I'm usually a size 24!

I love cheap and cheerful hair accessories and I bought this bow on eBay, from Korea, for £2.50 including p&p! I loved it so much I also got it in forest green haha. Although I must admit, my choice of hairstyle has been rather lazy of late and this is a staple I have kept coming back to, however I do think it works well with this outfit!

This ring belonged to my Grandmother and it is actually from the 1950's! It's not a precious stone or any kind of fancy metal, but it's special to me and I adore it. It's also adjustable which means I can wear it on any finger I like.

To finish off the look, I added a little flash of Bourjois Rouge Collection red lipstick to my usual makeup which I have been told is already quite pin up haha(not intentionally) and I was ready to go! 

I am seriously loving these Style It Saturday themes and I already cannot wait to take part in the next one!

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  1. i love the leoprint dress on you! and the bow in your bun! fantastic!
    xo from germany

  2. Thank you lovely lady! You always say the kindest things! X

  3. Gorgeous, love the bow it really finishes off the piece