Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas & Exciting Things

After a crazy hectic Christmas, I have finally managed to sit down and get blogging! So firstly, I must apologise for the length of time since my last post and now let's get to it!

This post is going to be a little jumble of outfits I have enjoyed over the festive period!

Dress - ASOS Curve, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Lipstick - Topshop.

Oh goodness, this dress makes me so happy. It encompasses everything I adore! Spots, lace, lightweight materials, puff sleeves and more! I bought this on eBay however it was originally from ASOS Curve. It makes me feel so fabulous and glamorous without feeling too overdressed or fussy - but I would easily be able to really dress it up with shoes and accessories if the occasion called for it.
I wore this to my Mother-In-Laws birthday gathering which was just at her house but all the family came over - so I wanted something dressy but nothing too over the top and this felt just perfect! Also, thank goodness my hair is FINALLY getting longer, praise the Lord.

Faux Fur Jacket - Simply Be, Pinafore - Alice & You for ASOS Curve, Sheer Shirt - Charity Shop, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Socks and Bag - Primark, Boots - Dorothy Perkins.

The day after the Mother-In-Laws birthday we decided to go for a little stroll around a beautiful lake (although the walk was some what treacherous due to the icy conditions) and a little look around the shops. I adore this Alice & You pinafore, it is so comfortable, warm and flattering. However unfortunately it has gotten quite bobbly even though I've only worn it a handful of times but that's nothing a little TLC can't fix! I've worn this shirt in another post and I love it, it was an absolutely Charity shop bargain. I wore a little top underneath it on this day because it was freezing but I could easily wear it with the pinafore and just a bra underneath for a more racy outfit option!

I have had this swing coat from Simply Be, literally for years and I adore it. It's so perfect for icy cold wintery days because it's lovely and warm. I have had to resew different buttons onto it due to the original buttons dropping off over time but i don't mind! 

I apologise that my boots aren't entirely visible as they are the newest part of my outfit, so I've added a better photograph underneath from the day I bought them (along with socks and a necklace I got that day too in the Dorothy Perkins sale). I love them. They are mostly leather but with a small suede section at the back, in the ankle area. Usually I'm a size 8 but these are so roomy I got them in a 7 and they're super comfortable and added the little socks because it was freezing haha.

I also love how handsome my gorgeous man looks in these photographs!

I got so many beautiful things for Christmas but when we went shopping I stumbled into a beauty outlet store which was MIND BLOWING! There were so many amazing brands for ridiculous prices! I bagged an OPI nail varnish, a Calvin Klien blusher, a Revlon lipgloss, a Rimmel mascara, a Maybelline nail varnish and more all for under £30!!

The OPI varnish in incredible. It goes on quite thin but with a few coats the colour is so even and smooth. The shade is Over The Taupe and i feel like it would go with 99% of outfits! I used the topcoat I bought at the same store with it too and it's a Non-Yellowing Top Coat Nail Treatment in Ultra Shine (I'm afraid it doesn't seem to have a brand name on it). I am so pleased with the results! 

I also got this super cute fur headband as a Christmas gift and I love it! I was never sure whether I could pull one of these off and I'm still not sure - but I will wear it anyway haha!

I had such a wonderful Christmas and I hope y'all did too! I am so looking forward to seeing all your festive period posts!

Finally, a little while ago I was asked for an interview for the IGIGI Bloggers Of Note page and the interview is now up on their website! I feel so honoured to have been asked for this as my blog is only small and Jane that wrote the piece is not only beautiful but a super lovely lady too! If you have two minutes to give it a read, that would be ace!

The article has already had some amazing comments left on it and I really feel so humbled that anyone would be interested in my view on fashion, which is something I love dearly and feel so passionately about!

Lots Of Love,

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