Saturday, 4 January 2014

Wolf Children & Other Adventures

This morning my wonderful man and I went to a gorgeous little art house cinema at the Pavilion on the new Penarth Pier to see, Wolf Children.

It was an adorable anime about the trials and tribulations of two half human, half wolf children as they grow up. I would definitely recommend it!

(This is the beautiful Penarth Pavilion with the doomy weather closing in around it. Photo taken by my very talented man!)

It was a super wet and windy day, so I decided to dress, as sensibly as I am capable of, for that sort of climate haha;

Cardigan - Newlook Inspire, Dress - ASOS Curve, Bag - ASOS, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Socks - Urban Outfitters, Welly Boots - T Reds.

Now, I'm sure you're all laughing at how, minus the wellies, this outfit really isn't wet and windy weather suitable at all but I really don't own anything that is! So, I decided that the wellies would be my sensible item for the day haha. 

I really, really love both this cardigan and this dress. The cardigan is unbelievably soft, comfortable and warm. It's beautiful and fluffy and whenever I wear it, I can't help but feel like I'm constantly being given a great big hug! The sleeves are also really long which makes it feel even more comfy! The dress combines all the elements of grunge/90's inspired fashions that I love. Tie dye, loose cut hems and oversizing - the cold shoulder addition just adds a modern twist to it, which is ace! It also gives me a chance to expose some tattoos I rarely would otherwise! 

I got these wellies a year ago for £20 in the sale and I only bought them because I had worn inappropriate footwear on a day it was hammering with rain! Now I couldn't be without them! Through the snow and rain they keep my feet warm and dry and I love them! The little bow with the studs livens up the plain black boot and the cut of them around the ankle means they fit ladies of all leg sizes! 

Nail Colour - 149 Dream by W7.

This nail colour was one of the amazing bargains I picked up at the beauty outlet last week! It's a brand that I believe was originally sold on the high street in Peacocks and it is fabulous! It's a peppermint green with a gold shimmer. It goes on quick and easy and dries well, a definite recommendation.

My skin, along with my lips, really have been terrible lately. Spotty and oily but a little chapped and honestly, just a bit rubbish. I think it might be to do with the ever and fast changing weather! However, I've tried to do what I can with it and work with what I'm given haha! Today I used my usual skin routine of Illamasqua Skin Base with a Body Ship pressed powder, Calvin Klein bronzer and a Benefit highlighter. The only lip care I swear by when my lips get sore is Chapstick! The original flavour is always best but failing that the strawberry is good too! Use it for a few days, applying as regularly as possible and my lips get back to being soft and smooth!

After the film we had some delicious lunch (piri piri chicken burger with cheese, fries and pulled pork), did a little charity shopping - where I found my vintage kitchen scales from 1986 and NOTORIOUS on DVD and went to see a super cute exhibition! What a lovely day! 

Lots Of Love,

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