Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Baseball Jersey For Me

Lately, I have been terrible at blogging and I would like to apologise for my little absence! Over the last month or so we have been absolutely manic busy, but today I am finally able to sit down and write a little post about one of my most recent purchases.

Baseball Jersey Dress - ASOS Curve, Scarf - Peacocks, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Socks - Primark, Shoes - Deichmann, Bag - Primark, Hat - Handmade gift.

I really struggle to find casual outfits I like! I'm not a casual person style wise and absolutely any chance to dress up, I will brace with open arms! But this jersey dress has changed me! It is so simple, soft, comfortable and casual! I could literally live in it. I bought it 2 sizes bigger than I would normally wear because I wanted it as roomy and slack as possible. It's an amazing length, fit and shape (as I was a little worried it might be a little sack-like) - I would recommend everyone pick one up for lazy Saturdays such as today! 

A few years ago I invested in a pair of plain black Vans, exactly the same style-wise as the shoes I had on today and I wore them until they fell apart. When I saw these in Deichmann for £13.99 I thought, why not! I need a new pair of comfortable, everyday shoes and even though they are, essentially, just Vans rip offs, they are perfect for what I want them for. They may not last years but I am very, very pleased with them for the bargain price of £13.99!

Speaking of bargains, I grabbed this gorgeous daisy print scarf from Peacocks for £5! It's so soft and although it doesn't look it, is surprisingly warm! It can also add a little flourish to any plain coloured outfit.

I really love this little blue bobble hat too - it was knitted for my boyfriend by one of his friends Mum's as a gift and I've nabbed it for excessively windy days such as today. It's super stretchy (so even fits my giant bonce) and a really cute colour! 

I have recently started wearing false nails again! For years I had acrylics done and they did destroy my nails, so I didn't want to go back to those. But I got a set of 48 plain press on falsies from Superdrug for £4 and they're amazing! I bought a stronger, brush on nail glue to use with them instead of the glue they came with which has made a massive difference! I can paint them any colour I want, keep the sets to use at a later date, keep my own nails in good condition and they don't break the bank! On this set I've used Models Own Hyper Gel in Red Lustre with a Leighton Denny speckled topcoat.

 To finish this post I thought you all might like to see my Saturday whim bake! A Victoria Sponge with fresh cream instead of buttercream (as I don't like buttercream)! I made this wearing a pinny, listening to Dolly Parton on vinyl and it was amazing haha.

Lots Of Love,

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