Thursday, 10 April 2014

Fashion And Confidence

As some of y'all may know, I recently did my first shoot. It wasn't for a big name brand or an awesome cool publication, but it was incredible and I could not have had more fun!

I have now received the shots (all taken at my home) and I am so excited to share them with y'all! 

Dress - Miss Real Curve for Newlook Inspire.

Dress - eBay (I think it was originally AX Paris Curve).

Dress - Anna Scholz for Simply Be, Necklace - Dorothy Perkins.

Now I'm not a professional model in any shape or form but I could not have felt more confident when I did this! I fully embraced my VBO, my chubby legs and my sweet bingo wings. All my outfits felt incredible and I felt as if I could do anything. This was partially down to the incredible lady that did my shoot Gemma Marie - she was so easy to be around which meant I could relax entirely and partially down to the fact, after all these years, I have finally accepted myself for the fat, foxy and fabulous woman I am! If I could wish for anything to come out of this shoot, it would be that one woman who is feeling down about herself sees this post and thinks 'fuck it - I love me'.

If you would like to see the other fabulous work by Gemma Marie, visit her website;

Lots Of Love,