Sunday, 25 May 2014

Grandma Casual

At the same time as purchasing my previous amazing 99p dress - I also purchased another dress for 99p that is no less amazing! It is total Grandma Casual and I love it!

Dress - Vintage (eBay), Shoes - Primark, Leggings - Newlook Inspire.

I absolutely love this dress and, like my other one, I can't believe I only paid 99p for it! It is an amazing length, the cutest kitschy floral print and is super soft and comfortable. It wouldn't be ideal to wear on a really hot day because it's quite a thick jersey material, but when it is warmer, I will be rocking it bare legged! I think it will look much better minus the leggings but it was definitely not warm enough to go without them today!

It has the cutest neckline and bust - almost like a vintage nurses uniform! It also has amazing, slightly dropped waist detailing that makes me feel wonderfully hour glass.

My skin has been terrible lately due to a variety of stresses and being generally run down, so I've been trying to wear makeup as little as possible. This was the first time I'd warn makeup in 2 days and my skin does feel better for it! You can also definitely tell that it is getting nearer to the summer time as my freckles are slowly making their presence felt! 

My lovely man and I went on a bank holiday date afternoon to see the final Miyazaki film! It is a lovely tale about a man who dreams his ideas and meets the love of his life. Although it isn't as instantly loveable as some of his other films, it is definitely still enchanting!

Lots Of Love,


  1. Cute! This would also look awesome with light grey tights and pink ballet slipper-type shoes. :)

    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! I'm going to hunt out a good pair of grey tights - thank you! X

  2. Hi Kate !!

    You know my favorite thing is to forget about your blog for a month or two and then go back to it so that I can enjoy 3 or 4 posts at the same time !! I probably am a bit of a weirdo but that's my thing...anyway, I enjoy every single post on your blog but THIS DRESS !!! I sometimes have the feeling I spent 2h/day on Asos and still, I didn't see it !! Anyway, summer's almost gone so....
    I'm going back to London quite soon I hope, and I wanted to ask you if you had any particular favorite spot for plus size shopping/vintage stuff. We do like the same kind of clothes so I thought I'll just ask you to share this secret :D Please keep going with this blog cause I'm sure it makes tons of girls like me feel good !!! xxx

    Loodish from IG

    1. Noooo its not weird at all! Thank you so much, it is such an honour to receive such a lovely comment! I found this dress on eBay and all I searched was 'size 26 dress' and literally scrolled through pages and pages of things and finally found this! Sometimes it is worth sticking too it, even if it is a little boring scrolling through lots of irrelevant stuff! My vintage shopping is always done on eBay, I don't live in London and don't get to go there very often unfortunately so I'm afraid I can't really recommend any good stores for you to visit but I would recommend googling! I'm sure you will find some fabulous places to visit! Thank you so much again for such a lovely comment x