Sunday, 15 June 2014

Suns Out, Maxi's On

Lately, I have been absolutely manically busy so haven't had any time to blog which makes me sad! Work has been crazy and I'm learning to drive so there is lots happening! But I'm so glad that on this gorgeous weekend, I have finally had time to sit down and get blogging.

Dress - ASOS Curve, Shoes - Vivienne Westwood, Beads - Vintage (from my Nana), Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters.

I adore this dress. It is old ASOS Curve and I have had it for years but it comes out, without fail, every summer. It's so light and airy and the material is beautifully soft so it's amazingly comfortable. I love the delicate pleating around the bust which means extra room for my giant bosoms thus there is no unsightly pulling of the material! The only tiny tiny gripe I have with the dress is that the straps are adjustable, which is amazing, but they have become slightly mishapen and twisted over the years! But that is something I'm sure could be fixed with a little ironing and perseverance! 

I bought these shoes 2 years ago for £40 in the 50% January sale at the Cardiff Vivienne Westwood store and they are literally the greatest flat shoes I have ever owned. They're a jelly material so mould to your feet making them ridiculously comfortable (although not amazing if it suddenly rains as they just won't stay on haha) and they smell like strawberries! Seriously! I've had them 2 years and they still smell like delicious strawberry bubble bath. When I bought them I didn't realise they were scented but after googling, it turns out they were made with the intention of being scented shoes! It's amazing, especially when you consider the rubbery material, which usually smells awful.

These beads are a little bit of an unlikely family airloom. They were my Grandmothers and then my Mothers and now they are mine. They're just simple plastic black beads but they're a bit of a treasure to me and perfect if you want something simple and stylish to go with any outfit.

And finally, the hair has gone! I just have too much hair to have it longer over the hot (hopefully anyway haha) summer months! I've never been nervous about cutting my hair short and this isn't the shortest I've had it (my fringe is pinned under here because it was so warm/sweaty) and I love it. It's so easy to wash and style and it feels really liberating! All those haters that say fat girls can't crop their hair because it's unflattering can shut up! Fat ladies and not so fat ladies a like, if you've ever wanted to cut your hair off but have feared being judged/regretting it, just do it! You only live once and it's only hair, if you decide it isn't for you, it will grow back and then at least you will have done it and won't be wondering for years to come! 

Lots Of Love,

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