Sunday, 17 August 2014

Yours Clothing Cardiff

On Friday I had the absolute pleasure of hanging out at the Yours Clothing Cardiff store to review a few of their fabulous pieces! I really cannot express how lovely everyone was - they were all so helpful and friendly (without being overbearing)! They were more than happy to offer their advice and even took my items to the changing room for me so I could continue to browse without having my arms full! 

It was so difficult to choose pieces to try on! I could have spent hours in the store trying everything on, but I did eventually manage to narrow it down to a few of my favourites.

If you had said to me a few years ago that I would be actively choosing to try on a playsuit, I would have seriously questioned your knowledge of me yet as soon as I saw this one, I grabbed it without a second thought and it was glorious! It was a soft crepe material, so comfortable and wonderfully flattering! The black and white dress is part of one of Yours newest monochrome collections and it was to die for! The fit was like a glove and the netting across the chest gave it an amazing 90's edge that is bang on trend! Both pieces come in at £35! Total bargains!

As y'all know from reading my blog, my wardrobe is comprised of 99.9% dresses but as soon as I saw this blouse and skirt, I had to try them on. The skirt was just glorious - look at that print? I normally steer clear of more fluro colours but I fully embraced them in this instance. I also sized down with the skirt because I knew I would wear it at my waist rather than my hips and it fitted perfectly! The blouse was a gorgeous light, sheer material with a thin vest top attached underneath and it provided the perfect boho edition to this outfit! This skirt is available for £23 and the blouse is available for £28. Amazing value!

This polka dot crepe dress was just so cute! I loved the almost halter cut of the neck and the pleating around the waist meant it fell perfectly over my hips! It was also the perfect length to wear with or without leggings/tights. My other outfit selection was something a little more casual but I couldn't resist this Aztec print extreme dipped back shirt - it was casual yet still made me feel a little sexy which is important I think! I teamed it with this great leather jacket which would be perfect to start wearing now the weather is becoming a little more Autumnal! The polka dot dress comes in at £30, the Aztec extreme dipped back shirt is a steal at £26 and the leather jacket is a great investment for the colder weather at £55.

Now the wonderful people at Yours were kind enough to gift me an item of my choice during my visit to the Cardiff store and it was so difficult to pick just one item! In the end I went for something a little different for me but something I instantly fell in love with.

This stunning fluro floral skater dress with mesh panel! As I said earlier in my post, fluro colours are not something I've really delved in to in the past but I couldn't leave without this gorgeous dress. The neckline is so unusual and the mesh panel is perfectly on trend. It made me feel so glam and I cannot wait to wear it at this years Plus North (for details on Plus North 2014 please head to where I will also be lucky enough to be modelling for Yours Clothing on the Saturday! This beautiful dress is golden purchase for just £35.

Lots Of Love,

Monday, 11 August 2014

A VBO Wedding

This year has been Wedding-tactic for us. I think this final wedding of the Summer we attended on Saturday will have been our sixth and now we don't have another until October. If I'm honest, I have absolutely loved going to so many beautiful weddings and being able to share people's special days with them but most of all I have loved dressing up!

Dress - Simple Be (very old), Tights - Evans, Shoes - Primark (very old), Bag - Vintage, Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters.

I have had this dress, literally, for years. It makes me feel so glamorous and sexy because it's such a classic style. The top section is a cream ruffled satin and the bottom is a stiffer, rise-resistant material. I know a lot of ladies are insecure about their tummies but over the years - I have learnt to embrace mine! Of course I still have days when I think hmmm it would be easier if I stuck out a little less here but on the whole I think I love this dress even more because of the VBO (visible belly outline) factor! It is a great length to wear with or without tights (I opted for with on this day as it was very windy) and could be teamed with more understated footwear, as I have done here, or a big, colourful bold pair of statement shoes!

As I've said before, I am terrible in heels! I just don't enjoy suffering in them! I am so jealous of ladies that can wear them for hours and not bat an eyelid! On the occasion however, I will bust a pair out to add a touch of something different to my outfit! These heels, as far as heels go for me, are actually pretty comfortable! They have a cute, sensible heel and a supportive ankle strap. In this picture you can see just how old they are as a few of the ruffles have faded but they still provide me with that little dash of extra saucyness when I crack them out!

My handsome man and I very rarely get full length photographs together so when a friend tagged us in this one, I was totally chuffed. He is such a handsome devil and as always, proving that big beautiful men can sit on top in the style stakes! His shirt is Dockers (from a charity shop), his tie and pocket square are Ben Sherman (from TK Maxx), his shoes are Harrykson (also from TK Maxx) and his trousers are M&S Bedford cords. I am so proud to call him my man and when he rocks up in heavenly outfits like this, I can't help but swoon! 

This was such a fun, heartfelt wedding so I thought I'd share a few other photographs from the day with y'all;

Lots Of Love,

Dog Casual

This weekend has been mega busy for us, but absolutely fabulous! We went from Barry Island to Chepstow to Brecon and back to Barry Island so I needed a comfortable, but still fabulous, travelling outfit!

Dress - Simply Be, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Shoes - Deichmann, Travel Bag - Next, Faux Westwood - eBay. 

This dress is one of the best bargains I've ever purchased I think! It was £12.50 in the most recent Simply Be sale! Incredible! I could not leave it there. As most of you know, I am absolutely obsessed with dogs so as soon as I saw the print, I was smitten. It has cuffed, three quarter length sleeves, a cute buttoned front and a very thin tie back around the waist. It's a thin, linen-esque material but it doesn't seem to crease which is amazing!

Now the only word of warning I will issue for this dress is that I bought it in a size 32 because that was the only size they had left in the sale (and I had to have it). Normally I am a 24/26 (depending on the cut of the item) and this fits me perfectly with only a slight looseness around the shoulders. I do think that if any lovely lady over a size 26 went to purchase this, even with sizing up, it might be a little bit of a tight fit! 

As we were heading to a wedding that started at 12, I had to do the basics of my hair and makeup before leaving the house! So as always, I kept to my tried and tested favourite makeup look but I did try something different with my hair. Now it's getting a bit longer, it's grown out of it's original style. So to stop it looking just like a mass of hair, I straightened the sides and curled the top which resulted in this almost quiff-like wave - which I was pretty pleased with!

Lots Of Love,

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Punk Rock Wedding

This weekend my handsome man and I attended another gorgeous summer wedding! The groom is a musician so I think I inadvertently added a punk rock twist to my outfit in homage! 

Dress - ASOS Curve, Socks - Primark, Shoes - River Island, Bag - eBay (faux Westwood).

I am in love with Cobalt Blue at the moment and this dress is the second recent addition to my wardrobe in that colour! This dress is flawless, honestly, there is nothing negative I can say about it. It is beautiful, comfortable, unusual, glam and made me feel fabulous! I love the two tier addition given by the lace running under the bust and the mesh with it's adorable polka dots allows me to flash some flesh without being too exposed! It's lined and the lining is a super comfortable stretchy jersey. I chose to wear it without tights as it was another gorgeous day and I though my fat, tattooed legs could do with another summer airing!

These shoes were £10 in the recent River Island sale. £10!! I was blown away when I tried them on and then saw the price, there was no question as to whether I was purchasing them - they were mine! They are so comfortable and gave my outfit the inadvertent punk rock feel with their brogue styling, buckles and amazing loafer-esque fringing! 

To add a little girly fun to my outfit, I opted for a high glitter nail varnish. It's a super cheapy from H&M but it's finish and lasting ability is really great.

As I'm sure you all know by now, my makeup isn't something I vary a lot. I have a makeup look that I love, so I stick to that for most occasions! For this occasion I added a little red lipstick, which was Bourjois Rouge Edition in Rouge Jet Set. I'm normally strictly a matte lipstick kinda girl, but this has a slight gloss to it which I really like. It isn't particularly hard wearing against eating and drinking but a little top up only takes 2 minutes! 

Lastly, I had to share with you how dapper my gorgeous man looked last night! The wedding was at Cardiff Museum, which was incredible and we got to hang out and drink champagne amongst priceless art! Not many men could embrace a velvet jacket and a velvet bow tie on a hot summers day, but my handsome man went all out and looked ever so wonderful!

Lots Of Love,