Monday, 11 August 2014

A VBO Wedding

This year has been Wedding-tactic for us. I think this final wedding of the Summer we attended on Saturday will have been our sixth and now we don't have another until October. If I'm honest, I have absolutely loved going to so many beautiful weddings and being able to share people's special days with them but most of all I have loved dressing up!

Dress - Simple Be (very old), Tights - Evans, Shoes - Primark (very old), Bag - Vintage, Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters.

I have had this dress, literally, for years. It makes me feel so glamorous and sexy because it's such a classic style. The top section is a cream ruffled satin and the bottom is a stiffer, rise-resistant material. I know a lot of ladies are insecure about their tummies but over the years - I have learnt to embrace mine! Of course I still have days when I think hmmm it would be easier if I stuck out a little less here but on the whole I think I love this dress even more because of the VBO (visible belly outline) factor! It is a great length to wear with or without tights (I opted for with on this day as it was very windy) and could be teamed with more understated footwear, as I have done here, or a big, colourful bold pair of statement shoes!

As I've said before, I am terrible in heels! I just don't enjoy suffering in them! I am so jealous of ladies that can wear them for hours and not bat an eyelid! On the occasion however, I will bust a pair out to add a touch of something different to my outfit! These heels, as far as heels go for me, are actually pretty comfortable! They have a cute, sensible heel and a supportive ankle strap. In this picture you can see just how old they are as a few of the ruffles have faded but they still provide me with that little dash of extra saucyness when I crack them out!

My handsome man and I very rarely get full length photographs together so when a friend tagged us in this one, I was totally chuffed. He is such a handsome devil and as always, proving that big beautiful men can sit on top in the style stakes! His shirt is Dockers (from a charity shop), his tie and pocket square are Ben Sherman (from TK Maxx), his shoes are Harrykson (also from TK Maxx) and his trousers are M&S Bedford cords. I am so proud to call him my man and when he rocks up in heavenly outfits like this, I can't help but swoon! 

This was such a fun, heartfelt wedding so I thought I'd share a few other photographs from the day with y'all;

Lots Of Love,

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