Sunday, 3 August 2014

Punk Rock Wedding

This weekend my handsome man and I attended another gorgeous summer wedding! The groom is a musician so I think I inadvertently added a punk rock twist to my outfit in homage! 

Dress - ASOS Curve, Socks - Primark, Shoes - River Island, Bag - eBay (faux Westwood).

I am in love with Cobalt Blue at the moment and this dress is the second recent addition to my wardrobe in that colour! This dress is flawless, honestly, there is nothing negative I can say about it. It is beautiful, comfortable, unusual, glam and made me feel fabulous! I love the two tier addition given by the lace running under the bust and the mesh with it's adorable polka dots allows me to flash some flesh without being too exposed! It's lined and the lining is a super comfortable stretchy jersey. I chose to wear it without tights as it was another gorgeous day and I though my fat, tattooed legs could do with another summer airing!

These shoes were £10 in the recent River Island sale. £10!! I was blown away when I tried them on and then saw the price, there was no question as to whether I was purchasing them - they were mine! They are so comfortable and gave my outfit the inadvertent punk rock feel with their brogue styling, buckles and amazing loafer-esque fringing! 

To add a little girly fun to my outfit, I opted for a high glitter nail varnish. It's a super cheapy from H&M but it's finish and lasting ability is really great.

As I'm sure you all know by now, my makeup isn't something I vary a lot. I have a makeup look that I love, so I stick to that for most occasions! For this occasion I added a little red lipstick, which was Bourjois Rouge Edition in Rouge Jet Set. I'm normally strictly a matte lipstick kinda girl, but this has a slight gloss to it which I really like. It isn't particularly hard wearing against eating and drinking but a little top up only takes 2 minutes! 

Lastly, I had to share with you how dapper my gorgeous man looked last night! The wedding was at Cardiff Museum, which was incredible and we got to hang out and drink champagne amongst priceless art! Not many men could embrace a velvet jacket and a velvet bow tie on a hot summers day, but my handsome man went all out and looked ever so wonderful!

Lots Of Love,

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