Sunday, 28 September 2014

Charity Shop Spots

No one loves a charity shop bargain more than my man. He has the most amazing eye for finding awesome items in charity shops whereas I just don't have the patience! So when he finds me something, I could not be more pleased!

T shirt - Charity Shop, Skirt - Charity Shop, Shoes - Newlook (Wide Fit), Duster Jacket - Newlook Inspire.

I love love love this t shirt and skirt. The t shirt is a super soft, silky material that feels lovely on and the small polka dot print is adorable! I don't know if it's meant to sit as a crop, but due to my massive boobs it does and I love it haha! This skirt has a classic, simple elasticated waist and a sharp pleat - it falls beautifully and is really flattering (and it is absolutely something you would find in your Grandma's wardrobe)!

I have been after a duster jacket for a long time and this delightful number from Newlook Inspire is perfect. It would be great for work, as I'm not a fan of tailored blazers, but could still wear this and look smart and it's also great for out of work outfits like this! It has a great oversized fit so you could easily size down but I went for my usual size as I liked the fall off this sizing particularly. 

These shoes were £5 in the Newlook sale. £5!!! They're a great staple to have in your footwear collection as you can never go wrong with a pair of patent black flats. They have a cut out section on the inside that adds a nice twist to a classic shoe. I would totally recommend getting yourself down to your local Newlook or checking out their website as their sales are always full of bargains! 

Also I have a new haircut! I'm basically bald, but I like it and it's going to last me, which is always a good thing. If you're fat and unsure as to whether you could rock short hair my advice would always be, just do it! Embrace it and wear it with confidence. I'm so bored of this 'dress to flatter', 'find the haircut to suit your face shape' business - fashion and beauty is about what YOU want to wear and what YOU want to rock. That's the most important thing to remember. Just like Jessie J said 'show em' you're a sexy lady'!

finished this outfit with a swipe of my favourite ever MAC lipstick, Lady Danger.

Lots Of Love,

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