Monday, 15 September 2014

Fedora The Explorer

Last week, the gorgeous ladies at Yours Clothing sent me a fabulous bloggermail package, featuring a few gorgeous items from their newest collections to review! I was so impressed with the pieces I was sent - they are full of pure 60's/70's divine inspiration!

Fringed Top, Tights & Fedora - Yours Clothing, Boots - Vintage, Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters.

This top is just heavenly! The beautiful purple and orange paisley, teamed with the perfectly on trend fringing is just amazing. Not only that but it's also incredibly soft and comfortable! This is one size bigger than I normally wear and I was able to wear it as a long line tunic-style top with just tights without feeling incredibly exposed! The neck is cut slightly slashed so it can be worn as a classic neckline or pulled to one side to be worn off the shoulder and the bat wing sleeves are both super comfortable and super flattering! 

I thought the fedora was the perfect accessory for this vintage inspired top and I was so glad when I received it and it actually fit my gigantic head! Usually I have such trouble finding beautiful hats because I really do have a huge head - but this one was great. Super comfortable and easy to throw on on a windy day to stop any unsightly windswept looks going on! I also added a gorgeous deep plum coloured matte lipstick from H&M which perfectly coordinated with the purple in the top (and it smells like berries which, I love)! I opted for no eye makeup at all because I felt this outfit lent itself to a simplistic and easy glamour!

The tights are a really great quality - perfect for someone like me that can ladder a pair of tights just by looking at them! I ordered these tights in the biggest size available and they were a little snug so I would definitely advise sizing up just in case (that being said, I do make sure I can pull any tights I buy right up under my boobs for extra comfort haha).

I bought these gorgeous vintage boots off of a friend who was having a clear out! They are so beautiful and give this outfit the perfect rugged finishing touch.

Overall this outfit gave me the biggest Janis Joplin, Edie Sedgwick, Joni Mitchell vibes and I adore it! 

Lots Of Love,