Sunday, 26 October 2014

Love's Got A Hold On My Heart

So this weekend my gorgeous man and I attended our last wedding of the year. Since July we have been to 6 weddings and they have all been beautiful and wonderful, in such different ways! This one was definitely particularly special because the groom is one of my mans closest friends, so making a big outfit effort was extra important! 

Dress - Claire Richards for Simply Be, Shoes - Newlook.

This dress, where do I start. It is absolutely glorious and made me feel so fabulous! I have never owned or even worn a dress with an underskirt before so this really was something totally different for me. The quality and design of the dress are flawless - the sheer, polka dot overlay and slightly flared capped sleeves add a great twist to a classic style of dress. 

I got a size up as I had no idea how this dress would fit and I am so glad that I did! The bust and waist are quite tight fitting - so much so that I did not need to wear a bra at all and my bust remained fantastically supported all day! This totally blew my mind because having huge boobs, going bra-less has never been a luxury that I have been able to enjoy! The supportive, structured design of the bust area are fantastic but I cannot recommend sizing up enough! 

Now let me be totally honest, retro style really isn't me. Don't get me wrong, I think it looks fantastic on other people but it has never been something I have embraced. However, I feel that this dress encompasses the perfect mixture of retro style with on point modern trends!

I found these shoes for £5 in the Newlook dale. £5!!! They are a super versatile, classic, patent black heel and I love them. I adore the block heel, aside from how cute it looks, I am terrible in heels and this design makes them a lot easier to walk to! 

I didn't want to go with a typical red lip with this outfit, so I picked something a little more unusual. My lip colour is a gorgeous matte berry from H&M called 'Landinski'. It can be applied more heavily for a darker shade or gently for a softer colour! 

We had such a fantastic time at this wedding and it was the perfect end to our wedding season! 

Lots Of Love,


  1. This dress is utter perfection! I am so smitten you look so lovely!

    I cannot ever fathom finding a dress where I would be able to go bra-less, it's just not ever an option. But I am HUGE in the chest, like ridiculously so!

    <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much beautiful lady! Hahaha I know right!!!! When I tried this dress on I could hardly believe it but I genuinely think this would support an even bigger chest than mine without a bra! x

  2. I adore that dress you look fabulous. Oh the joy of being able to braless which when you are a JJ cup is rarely if ever an option!! PS loving your hair as well xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely lady! Its such a great dress - amazing quality as well! I really think that most bust sizes would be able to get away with going braless in this dress because of the supportive structure of the chest area! x