Thursday, 27 November 2014

Bon Anniversare

This week, my beautiful man and I celebrated out third anniversary! He is the cookie to my crumb, the moon to my stars and the jingle to my bells. To celebrate we went out for the most beautiful dinner at our favourite restaurant, Giuliano's on Barry Island and I decided that this was the perfect occasion to test run a heavenly dress Simply Be so kindly sent to me!

Dress - Simply Be, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Shoes - Tesco, Necklace - Vintage

This dress is beautiful. Purely and simply beautiful. The neckline is possibly my favourite neckline out of every dress I own, its so flattering and different! The sculpted bust gives added support and structure and is the perfect contrast to the soft, floaty skirt. I sized up as I knew the bust would be tighter and this size fits me like a glove. The little sleeves are elasticated which is how they sit so perfectly off the shoulder without rising or digging into my arm chub - which is something I can experience problems with usually with sleeves this style, but not with this dress! I love the colour contrast of the bust and the skirt and this deep cranberry is a perfect festive party season tone! Usually I would wear this dress with tights but I am absolutely appalling when it comes to tights and managed to ladder every pair I had before I had even put them on so sadly I did have to wear leggings - but as it was a cold evening, this ended up being a good move! As ya'll know, I avoid wearing heels at all costs so I added this quirky pair of flats to add an additional edge to the outfit. I can't urge you enough to buy this dress if it has been teasing you with its beauty! It made me feel absolutely fabulous and could easily be dressed up a lot more for a more formal event!

My brother bought me this beautiful vintage necklace last Christmas and I love it! It is made from an old coin and with the neckline of this dress, it sits beautifully without being too OTT!

Coat - Yours Clothing

Naturally, as it was a freezing night I had to crack out this beautiful Yours clothing fur coat! Not only does it keep me warm but it really does add a little extra sauce to any outfit!

I decided to try something a little different with my makeup so I kept it very soft and simple. I added a little shimmery bronze and black eyeshadow to my lids (from an ELF palette I picked up for £5 with 100 different eyeshadow in it, which is surprisingly really lovely), a quick coat of mascara and a little simple glittery Revlon lipgloss. I love wearing lipstick on a night out but sometimes it is great to mix things up!

When I arrived home from work my man had bought me a bottle of my beverage of choice, Prosecco and put it in a ridiculous cup for me! At the restaurant I ate Italian Sausage with chickpea and chilli's, fillet of beef lasagne and an amaretto crème brulee and it was heavenly! We had a perfect evening.

Lots Of Love,


  1. Happy Anniversary!! You looked lovely for your night out!

    Mmmm, the food sounds amazing, especially an amaretto creme brulee & cheers to prosecco, my fav!!


  2. Thanks lovely lady! Anywhere with good food and we will be there haha! x