Sunday, 21 December 2014

Goodnight, My Love

Now, I have to be honest with ya'll. As much as I absolutely adore clothes and fashion, there really is nothing I love more than coming home and getting in to my pyjamas. It genuinely is one of my favourite things and were it acceptable to live in pyjamas on a daily basis, I would totally roll with that haha. So when I saw a got these beauties from Simply Be - I knew I had to share them with you asap!

Pyjama set - Pretty Secrets at Simply Be.

These really is the cutest little pyjama set! It's a pack of two by Pretty Secrets. I love the simply patterns and the cute shorts as I don't know about you but when I'm actually in bed, I don't like to feel too restricted, so shorts are perfect for me! Now the sizing is quite small, I sized up two sizes because I wanted to make sure they were nice and comfy and slouchy, but as you can see they do fit more like my average size would, so I would definitely recommend being careful size wise. They are super comfortable and great value for money too as you get two pairs! 

Now, this next number, when I first saw it it was as if the world went into slow motion and choirs of heavenly Angels began singing to me, it could not be more glorious! 

Onesie - Pretty Secrets at Simply Be.

Anyone that knows me or follows my Instagram will know that i am without a doubt, a crazy dog lady. So when I saw this, I knew it had to be kind. It's made from Sherpa fleece, so not only is it super warm but it also feels as if your skin is being lovingly caressed every time you move. The sizing of this is great, I got it 2 sizes bigger and I would say it's pretty true to size. It's so cuddly, covered in Pugs/French Bulldogs and has a bone zip, so for real, what could be better?

Lots Of Love,
KLJ x 

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