Monday, 22 December 2014

Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under

Thanks to finally being off of work for the festive season, I have found the time to sit down and blog about the wonderful purchases I have made over the last few weeks. Possibly my favourite of these is the incredible pair of knee high boots I picked up at Evans in the sale!

Coat - Yours Clothing, Dress - Newlook Inspire, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Boots - Evans.

I have lusted after knee high boots for so long but I never found quite the right pair, until I saw these in the Evans Christmas sale for just £30! I knew straight away that I had to have them! I'm wearing a size 8 EEE, which is extra wide. I don't normally buy wide fit shoes or boots but I can't deny the fact that they are unbelievably comfortable, both in the foot and calf regions. They are a little baggier at the ankle but compared to the rest of my legs, my ankles have always been weirdly sparrow-esque so this has nothing to do with the boots, it's simply the shape of my leg. The calf is perfectly fitted and tight enough that the boots stay up well but not too tight that they are uncomfortable or restricting.

I also love the half patent, half leather style of the boots. I adore patent but I think the plain leather back to the boots adds an extra pinch of class to them and makes them more wearable on a daily basis. The leather back panel also makes the boots a little stretchier around the calf for extra comfort. As I've said before, I am appalling in heals so the lovely little tiny heal on these is perfect - it makes me feel sassy but is also perfectly comfortable. These boots are available in a variety of width fittings, with EEE being the widest. 

I am so pleased that I found these as they are perfect for the winter weather and are a great, classic style meaning they will be wearable for years to come! 

Also, on a slightly different note, I just wanted to share with ya'll this absolutely incredible sketch of me a lady named Sam has done;

I could not love it anymore if I tried -it's so cute! I am going to get it printed and framed asap. Check her out on Instagram - samsillustration!

Lots Of Love,


  1. Such Fab boots! These might have to go on my list! Still obsessed with that coat!

    1. I really can't recommend these boots or this coat enough - they are both such great staple pieces to keep in your wardrobe for all sorts of occasions :)! X

  2. Those boots are KILLER and that drawing is darling and so sweet!!

    Hope you had some good holidays!


    1. Thank you so much lovely lady! I hope you had magical Christmas! X