Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Kimono Of My Dreams

So, this weekend I have been crippled by a grotesque flu. But yesterday I managed to dose up and dress up to head out to Jamie's Italian for our friends birthday!

Kimono - ASOS Curve, Dress - Peacocks, Belt - ASOS Curve, Tights - Evans, Shoes - River Island.

This kimono is the stuff dreams are made of! I am well and truly obsessed with it. It can be dressed up or down, worn with plain items of patterned and it is perfect for Summer or Winter! The material is light weight so can be worn on it's own without leaving you too cold or underneath a coat/jacket without giving you the sweats! The arms are wide and flowing and the length means it sits amazingly well just underneath my bum. I sized up just in case, as I wasn't sure how generous the give in the material would be and although there is very little give, the weight of the additional material means it's the perfect size! I really can't praise it enough.

The dress is a plain, jersey skater dress with an elasticated waist and I managed to grab it for £9 (usually £10 but I snuck in my student discount haha). It's so comfortable and again, just like the kimono, can be dressed up or down. It comes in 3 other colours too and I really am tempted to pick it up in all of those because I am so impressed with it.

For good, reliable plus size black tights, no one makes them like Evans! I buy the biggest size available so I can pull them up right under my bra for perfect additional support. There is a slight Nora Batty ankle situation that occurs, but considering how comfortable they are and how long they last, I am willing to overlook this correctable occurrence haha.

Can we please talk about how beautiful these shoes are? Gold plated heels with quilting and toe capping. I literally love them. I'm rubbish at wearing heels, of any kind, but these allow me to feel I have the additional glamour that heels can provide without feeling like a giant drag queen (I'm 5'8 without heels, so any heel higher than this does not sit well with me haha). This was the first time I had worn them and they were unbelievably comfortable, no rubbing at all! Although I must remember to score the bottoms as they don't have a great deal of grip and once or twice I did do a few embarrassing slides, but I tried to style them out as best I could haha.

I have has this belt for years. It's actually furry and is a lovely belt to pop on pver a plain dress to jazz it up a little. The sizing is incredibly generous and even if I pull the belt quite tight, it's always comfortable and there are never any unsightly squeezing issues! Also as featured in a previous post, this adorable necklace from Dorothy Perkins coordinated perfectly with the gold on the belt buckle and the gold heels on my shoes! 

This nail varnish is from Urban Outfitters and is an amazing silver holographic polish! I love it! It goes on smoothly and really easily, drying quickly and with a great finish. Although it goes chip fairly easily, for a one nighter addition to an outfit, it's perfect! I wish they made a gold one too! 

Please ignore the huge flu bags under my eyes! I added a dash of colour to my all black ensemble with this MAC red lipstick in Lady Danger. There is no lipstick I love more than a matte lipstick and this is the perfect matte. It's so soft and smooth and lasts amazingly, even when eating takes place! 

Finally, here is what I ate! Crab and avocado bruschetta to start and then medium rare rump steak with skinny fries and rainbow coleslaw for main. It was incredible! I've been to Jamie's a few times and I've always had amazing food. For my man, who is vegetarian, the options weren't great but if you eat meat and fish, I would fully recommend it! 

Lots Of Love,

Saturday, 11 January 2014

3 Miles With Our Special Guest

This weekend my wonderful man and I are looking after Fred, our friends adorable rescue Terrier. He is a brilliant little dog and we love his visits! Today we took him for a 3 mile walk (who said fat girls can't excessive!) and although it was freezing, it was a glorious day! 

Cardigan - Newlook Inspire, Swing Dress - ASOS Curve, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Socks - Primark, Shoes - Primark, Bag - ASOS, Sunglasses - Charity Shop (borrowed from my man as I recently broke mine), Necklace - Newlook.

This is pretty much as casual as things ever get for me! I own one pair of trousers, some ASOS Curve Harem Pants, so you'll never see me in jeans or anything of the like on my more relaxed days. This isn't because I feel any kind of distaste towards trousers, I really do just prefer dresses and skirts haha!

I fear that this cardigan is going to remain a firm and incredibly regular fixture in my Winter/Spring wardrobe! It is just so inbelievably cosy, comfortable and versatile! 

This dress is so comfortable it's ridiculous and is perfect to be worn in work or outside of work, casually or on more dressed up occasions (depending what you accessorise it with)! The only downside to it is that the material does mark quite easily. It's a super soft, thin jersey and the slightest smudge does sit very visibly. However, given a quick wipe, any marks do come off very quickly so it isn't too bad! 

These socks are a perfect addition to almost any outfit I think! They are super cute and can be worn with casual outfits like this, but also with smarter outfits (to add a more individual twist) and even more smart/casual outfits! Now, these shoes, I found for £3 in Primark on Oxford Street and I could not leave them there! I adore Vans, I won't lie, they are ridiculously comfortable, however I don't feel I wear them enough to warrant spending the money on them. So as soon as I saw these I had to have them and I was not disappointed. They are just as comfortable as Vans and look just as cute I think!

This necklace was another absolutely steal! £3 in the Newlook January sale! I saw one of the lovely ladies I follow on Instagram wearing it, asked her where she got it and I snapped one up online straight away! The bugs do have a horrible habit of flipping over however they have little teardrop pearls sat under their wings, so it still looks fabulous even if they are upside down haha! When I got it in the post, I wasn't entirely sure how I felt about the two tone gold/black chain but as soon as I put it on with an outfit, I loved it!

I love pastel nail colours and this Maybelline Forever Stay Pro in Lunar Grey is no exception! It goes on beautifully (it has an amazing wide brush), dries incredibly quickly and with a good top coat looks luscious and shiny! A definite recommendation to all pastel lovers out there!

When we're having quiet days, I like to give my eyes and skin a little rest, so I just whack on a quick layer of mascara, some eyebrows and a very small amount of skin makeup and I'm good to go!

I'm also very sad I broke my sunglasses but I did enjoy looking like the Cop from the Village People for a day haha!

Finally, here's Fred, loving life on our walk! He's amazing!

Lots Of Love,

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My First Ever Yours Clothing Purchase

Hello everyone! I am super excited about this post because it will feature an outfit including my first ever purchase from Yours Clothing and I could not be more pleased!

Dress - Yours Clothing, Shoes - River Island, Leggings - New Look Inspire, Belt - ASOS Curve, Socks - Primark.

I am a massive massive fan of this years January sales! I have managed to get some amazing bargains - none more so than this divine dress from Yours Clothing! As soon as I put it on, I felt amazing! The material is so light weight and soft, the cut of the bust and the skirt are incredibly flattering and the length is the perfect midi! I adore how the skirt sits, with a slightly pleated bottom and the sleeve length means wearing it with or without a cardigan/coat is easy! I did change the belt because I tend to need harder wearing belts because I do fuss haha so I popped a trusty old ASOS Curve belt through the handy belt loops and was ready to go! The cut of the dress, teamed with a belt, nips in my waist and highlights my boobs giving the illusion of an hourglass shape which is just dreamy! 

This dress is perfect for work or nights out, depending on what you wear it with - it's so versatile and just amazing!

I really could not recommend this dress more if I tried and what makes me love it even more is that it only cost me £13.99 in the sale! Including delivery! I did also have a little help from Bee at The Littlest Buzz ( and her amazing Yours Clothing Blogger discount code that she was generous enough to share! Thank you!

The dress is still up for grabs in their amazing 'Buy 2 Get 1 Free Sale' at

I picked these shoes up for £10 in the River Island sale which blew my mind! They are an amazing thick but soft leather, with the cutest little buckle and just enough of a heel that they look a little glam, as well as practical! They do squeak when I walk haha which is a little embarrassing but I think that will sort itself out once I've worn them in a little! The little socks are from Primark and I think they add another element to this easy outfit. 

Finally, i do apologise for the rubbish mirror photographs, but I was so excited to blog about this dress that I couldn't wait until I could ask my lovely man to take some photographs of me in it haha.

Lots Of Love,

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Wolf Children & Other Adventures

This morning my wonderful man and I went to a gorgeous little art house cinema at the Pavilion on the new Penarth Pier to see, Wolf Children.

It was an adorable anime about the trials and tribulations of two half human, half wolf children as they grow up. I would definitely recommend it!

(This is the beautiful Penarth Pavilion with the doomy weather closing in around it. Photo taken by my very talented man!)

It was a super wet and windy day, so I decided to dress, as sensibly as I am capable of, for that sort of climate haha;

Cardigan - Newlook Inspire, Dress - ASOS Curve, Bag - ASOS, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Socks - Urban Outfitters, Welly Boots - T Reds.

Now, I'm sure you're all laughing at how, minus the wellies, this outfit really isn't wet and windy weather suitable at all but I really don't own anything that is! So, I decided that the wellies would be my sensible item for the day haha. 

I really, really love both this cardigan and this dress. The cardigan is unbelievably soft, comfortable and warm. It's beautiful and fluffy and whenever I wear it, I can't help but feel like I'm constantly being given a great big hug! The sleeves are also really long which makes it feel even more comfy! The dress combines all the elements of grunge/90's inspired fashions that I love. Tie dye, loose cut hems and oversizing - the cold shoulder addition just adds a modern twist to it, which is ace! It also gives me a chance to expose some tattoos I rarely would otherwise! 

I got these wellies a year ago for £20 in the sale and I only bought them because I had worn inappropriate footwear on a day it was hammering with rain! Now I couldn't be without them! Through the snow and rain they keep my feet warm and dry and I love them! The little bow with the studs livens up the plain black boot and the cut of them around the ankle means they fit ladies of all leg sizes! 

Nail Colour - 149 Dream by W7.

This nail colour was one of the amazing bargains I picked up at the beauty outlet last week! It's a brand that I believe was originally sold on the high street in Peacocks and it is fabulous! It's a peppermint green with a gold shimmer. It goes on quick and easy and dries well, a definite recommendation.

My skin, along with my lips, really have been terrible lately. Spotty and oily but a little chapped and honestly, just a bit rubbish. I think it might be to do with the ever and fast changing weather! However, I've tried to do what I can with it and work with what I'm given haha! Today I used my usual skin routine of Illamasqua Skin Base with a Body Ship pressed powder, Calvin Klein bronzer and a Benefit highlighter. The only lip care I swear by when my lips get sore is Chapstick! The original flavour is always best but failing that the strawberry is good too! Use it for a few days, applying as regularly as possible and my lips get back to being soft and smooth!

After the film we had some delicious lunch (piri piri chicken burger with cheese, fries and pulled pork), did a little charity shopping - where I found my vintage kitchen scales from 1986 and NOTORIOUS on DVD and went to see a super cute exhibition! What a lovely day! 

Lots Of Love,

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year Everyone

Happy New Year everyone! It is now 2014!

I have seen a lot of posts of late reflecting on 2013 and when I look back over the year - I really did have a fabulous year.

Over the 12 months I've grown so much in confidence which gave me the boost to start this blog! Even though I've only been posting for a short time, ive already experienced some wonderful things due to my blog and I've had the chance to speak to some incredible women!

I've also done so many wonderful things and spent so much wonderful time with my gorgeous man, friends and family! So I can only hope that 2014 brings more of what 2013 offered me.

Now, on to New Years Eve! Rather than going out and getting drunk, which really isn't my sort of thing, my wonderful man and I decided to go for a gorgeous meal at our favourite restaurant;

Dress - ASOS Curve, Tights - Evans, Bag - ASOS Curve, Necklace - Dorothy Perkins, Boots - ASOS Curve.

I officially have a new favourite dress! I loved this dress when it was full price but I'm so glad I waited to buy it as I ended up getting it for £19 in the ASOS Curve sale! I got a size bigger because I wasn't sure how the cut would be but it still fits perfectly! The sleeves are adorable, with a little elastic cuff and a frill and the length is amazing. The material is light and breathable but not too sheer or chilly in this wintery weather. It could easily be dressed up a lot more of dressed down a lot more, depending on the occasion. Definitely my new favourite dress and I would recommend it to everyone.

I also picked up this bag in the ASOS Cur be sale for £24 and I love it. It's faux croc skin with a matte finish and a draw string-esque look (although there isn't really a drawstring unless you pull the actual handles haha). There's plenty enough space for all the unnecessary things I Iike to carry in my handbag and it's super comfortable to carry.

I got the necklace in the Dorothy Perkins sale for £5 and it may be a little tacky but I adore it haha. Anything garish and gold and I am all over it! My suede Chelsea boots are super super old ASOS and they are a perfect heel height for me as I rarely wear heels. They're also just smart enough to be worn with more dressy outfits!

I kept my makeup light for a dewy, fresh faced look. Using Collection 2000 Eyebrow pencil, Illamasqua Skin Base liquid foundation, Body Shop pressed powder, Calvin Klein bronzer, Benefit Watts Up highlighter, GOSH liquid liner, Scandaleyes Retro Glamour from Rimmel mascara and Revlon lipgloss. 

Finally, here is a photo of both of us (my beautiful man looks so handsome) and the incredible meal we had!

I really hope 2014 brings you all everything you're dreaming of and more and I am so excited to see what it will bring for me and my little blog!

Lots Of Love,