Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Curviest Kate

When my girls from Curvy Kate get in touch and ask me to review a set for them, I am never more excited! Curvy Kate are my absolute favourite brand for bigger boobs, so any opportunity to get my hands on another of their glorious creations is one I will jump at! The girls asked me to do another Vlog for them - I have only ever vlogged once before and that was also for Curvy Kate! But as I can't say no to those gorgeous girls, I've done my second ever Vlog review of the Curvy Kate Ellace bra (again I am in no way a lingerie blogger or remote expert but I adore being able to review the occasional piece for you guys!). 

Bra - Curvy Kate Ellace.

 This bra is absolutely GLORIOUS. I'm wearing a 42FF and it fits like a glove. The half lace cup not only provides great support but also looks totally saucy, which I love haha I'm never adverse to a bit of sauce! The champagne and black colour combination are very classy and the bow detailing is another fantastic detail on this already incredible bra! There were panties with this set too which I got in a 22, however they are incredibly saucy haha so I decided to save those for my private time (they're Brazilian cut and the entire back is lace, which matches the lace cup detail). 

For my full review, check out my video below!

Lofs Of Love,

Hot Red Kitty

Recently I was contacted by the ever wonderful team at Panache Lingerie and asked to review a set for them! Having reviewed for Panache before, I was so excited because the quality of their lingerie is pretty much second to none! Now I under NO circumstances profess to be a lingerie blogger or expect but it is so much fun to get to review the odd lingerie item for ya'll! I chose a set that has been popular with my fellow bloggers and I can more than see why!

Lingerie Set - Sculptresse for Panache.

This is the Kitty set in Hot Red and it is GLORUOUS! I am wearing a 42F and a size 22 bottoms and both fit incredibly. The support is impeccable (please ignore the fact my one boob looks a tad wonky, it's the way I was standing) and the sizing is amazing. I love full cup support, having an ample chest means I need as much support as I can get and I always feel best in a full cup. However this did used to mean it was granny bra's all the way for me but thanks to brands like Panache, that problem is no more! 

The pattern is a super cute star print. It's very subtle and can only really be seen in certain lights which I love as its like a sneaky little surprise pattern haha! It also has adorable leopard print bow detailing on both the bra and the panties - you can never go wrong with a bit of leopard print in my opinion! 

Overall I adore this set. It makes me feel sexy and sassy and gives me the great support I need for my ample chest! The back of the panties are also completely sheer which I love because it's a saucy little twist on high waisted panties - however I decided to save that image for my private life haha!

Lots Of Love,

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Winter Witch

Have you ever come across an item of clothing that you look at and think 'you are my long lost soul mate, I will wear you until you fall from my being'? I often experience huge waves of lust over an item but this deep of a love is rare. However this dress is one of those items.

Fur Gillet - Yours Clothing, Dress - Junarose, Boots - Vintage.

Before this dress I had never owned anything by Junarose, so I was instantly wary of sizing, especially as this dress is not a particularly stretchy material. But this is a 24 and it fits better than 99% of other items I own (I usually wear more 26's than 24's). I really can't find the words to express my want to wear this dress for the rest of my days. It makes me feel like a character from AHS: Coven. The bust clings perfectly to my shape and the loose, sheer sleeve provide a great little arm chub coverer if you are unsure about exposing your arms. I am 5'7 and the skirt length is flawless on me, without heels it rests just above the ground and with heels it sits perfectly at my ankle. It makes me feel so glamorous but also edgy and badass. The quality of the dress is something I have to mention too as it's fantastic. The crochet detail is gorgeous and the materials used are all of the highest grade. 

Now I've never really been one for crochet detailing but this is stunning. It runs all across the front of the bust and a long the bottom of the dress. I also love the mesh material used across the chest area, it adds a saucy little touch whilst still remaining in keeping with the rest of the dress. There are so many textures going on in this dress that ordinarily I would have been a little overwhelmed by but they all flow so perfectly together, I can't help but be madly in love with this item. 

I know I've shown ya'll these boots before but I love them more everytime I wear them. They are vintage and so comfortable, especially as someone that never wears heels of any kind! They add such a perfect finish to this dress!!

Finally, regardless of whether it's still on trend or not, I cannot get enough of brown lipstick. It's so 90's and there are so many shade options that are perfect for my colouring. I picked this one up on eBay for £1.99 and it's a Covergirl lipstick in a shade called 'Plum Whiskey'. As it's cheap, it needs topping up regularly but it's such a great colour, I don't mind at all! It's also super moisturising which is always a bonus!

Lots Of Love,

Friday, 20 November 2015

My Unusual Year

So, life is mad. Absolutely mad. This year has been one of the most bizarre, ridiculous, awful and wonderful years of my life so far. I thought I would write a quick little post for ya'll, just updating you guys on what has and will be happening for me in the coming months/years!

I do firmly believe that sometimes you have to go through a lot of shit to get to the good bits and I feel like this is has been incredibly relevant to me this year. I started the year in an unhappy relationship, feeling trapped and sad. Now I will never say that every aspect of that relationship was negative because that is not the case but by the end the bad was outweighing the good. Despite recently acquired responsibility, I decided to leave that relationship and despite grieving for the end of something, I was happy and felt free to be myself again. I moved in with some wonderful girls and a dog and felt I was really finding myself again.
Shortly after this I made the incredibly dull decision to get into a ridiculous relationship. The individual was charming and dangerous, which at the time, I went a long with quite happily. However, very early on I realised I had made a huge mistake. This is really big information for me to share but I feel that if these things aren't talked about, they will forever remain a taboo which is the furthest possible from what they should be. I ended up pregnant and chose to have an abortion. I will not blame the other individual entirely for this as I am very much aware that I had just as much responsibility in it as they did but I did allow myself to be seduced into behaving recklessly. Shortly before discovering this I called things off with this individual because he was frankly, not a nice person. Once I informed him on the situation, he only continued to prove that to me. BUT, despite this situation being quite awful and the experience of going through all of that being equally awful, in a way, I am thankful that it did happen. It showed me that I needed to be strong and that I could be strong with what I want, who I want and how my life needs to go. It made me even more thankful for my incredible friends and family who supported me more than I could ever have asked for during that time. I feel absolutely no shame in the fact that I made the adult decision to not continue with the pregnancy, it was not right for anyone involved and continuing with it would have been far worse than deciding on having an abortion. So many women go through that in silence and feel shame and sadness over what they have done, not because they regret their decision, but because they are worried about how others may think of them if they were to find out. Trust me, anyone that makes a negative judgement on someone for making a decision that was right for them and their circumstances, is NOT worth one moment of your concern, i understand that individuals feel differently on this subject, however, that is what it is, the decision of the INDIVIDUAL.
Now, enough with the sad stuff!! After this all happened, I decided it was time to focus on ME, dating and all of that jazz was taking a firm backseat and I was planning to look for work closer to my family as after all of that because I missed them more than ever. Time went on and my housemates and I all decided to join dating sites, as we were all single and all ready for a giggle, even if no actual dates manifested, online dating is always entertaining! And that is where I met Chris, who just so happened to live back home, near my parents. Right away there was something different about him, he was so chatty and well mannered and funny. He made such an effort to get back to me and our conversations felt so natural, like I had known him forever. We arranged a date and honestly, the rest is history. As soon as I laid eyes on that man, I knew he was the one and ever since that moment he has not let go of me and not stopped proving me right. We really hated being apart so I made the formal decision to look for work close to home and Chris and I found something a lot faster than expected! Now, at the end of this month, we are moving in to our own little place together and I am starting fresh, in a new place and a new job.
If all of this weren't reason enough for me to celebrate, last night, Chris asked me to marry him, with my Grandmother's eternity ring as my engagement ring. We may not have been together for the longest time but no amount of time is going to change how I feel about this man. He is my soul mate, my lobster and he gets me, entirely. He is handsome and kind and never ever fails to cheer me up when I'm having a bad day or make me laugh. I have never been with anyone that has made me feel safe and cared for in such a way before, I don't mean in a materialistic way, I mean emotionally, spiritually and physically. His curly hair and big blue eyes are just dreamy and when you know, you know.
I hope that gives ya'll a little insight into why over this last year, I have gradually got more and more lax with blogging BUT do not fear, I will be back on it with vengeance starting this weekend and even more so when we are all moved into our new place back in Somerset. It isn't quite a New Year yet, but for me New Year starts early and the beginning of December is my new start. I cannot wait to live near my family and friends again and build a home with my future husband, whilst sharing my little fashion insights with ya'll on the regular! As always, thank you all so much for your overwhelming support and love, I really cannot fully express how humbling and wonderful it is to receive so much of both from all of you. Thank you.
Lots Of Love,

Monday, 19 October 2015

Yeti Dreams

Once in a while, an item of clothing appeals to you and choirs of heavenly Angels sing. That what happened when I saw this piece. Every Winter I have a tradition that I purchase a new fur (faux) coat, usually leopard print. This year I decided to go to something a little different!

Coat - Simply Be, Dress - Grazia For Simply Be, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Boots - Yours Clothing, Glasses - Pull&Bear.

Oh lord this coat. Just look at it. The ombré, the texture of the fur, the lack of collar - it is pure heaven. Not only is it life alteringly warm but it's also such a statement piece. The fur is in the style of a shaggy Yak haha and although it does produce a hefty amount of fluff, especially when worn near black clothing, it is more than worth it. I got a 26 and due to my huge boobs I was worried it may not fit very well especially because Simply Be sizing can be 'unusual' but the sizing of this is perfect! The hooks to do it up close perfectly on me without pulling and the arms are more than roomy enough. I just can't come up with enough good things to say about it.

This dress is another fabulous offering from Simply Be. My goth roots mean I love love love a bit of velvet but I find, more often than not, velvet dresses tend to be cut in a bland, dowdy style whereas this bad boy is great. The cold shoulders and the high neck give it such an edge and the Raven blue colour is flawless. It will always remind me of my boyfriend because I wore it on our first date and he always tells me that it's his favourite <3, which ultimately, makes me love it more. These boots were a wonderful gift from the Yours Clothing Cardiff store and they're a EEE fit which means the calf fit is fantastic and there is more than enough room in them to wear them with trousers tucked into them if you're a trouser or Jean fan! 

Speaking of my boyfriend. This is Chris. I met him online in September and in no other circumstance has the phrase 'when you know, you know' been more applicable. Meeting this man has changed my life, he is my lobster and my other half. I have never felt this way about another human being and frankly before I met Chris, I never thought I would feel this way about another human being. People may think it is far too early to know this but I know that this is the man I'm going to marry. He is golden.

Lots Of Love,

A Winter Warmer With Bon Prix

Recently the folks at Bon Prix got in touch and asked me to review an item from their plus size knitwear section! Naturally I was thrilled as nothing makes me happier than cuddly cardigans as the nights draw in and get colder!

Cardigan - Bon Prix, Top - Newlook (main range), Skirt - Elvi, Boots - Vintage.

This cardigan really is a thing of beauty. It's indescribably soft, stretchy and glorious. Other than the fact it's incredibly comfortable, it also sits perfectly. Unlike some oversized items, it still holds a shape which I always greatly appreciate. The sleeves are slightly bat winged but not to the point where they look as if they hark back to a previous era which is great for practicality as I'm hideously clumsy and often get exaggerated sleeves caught in things! I feel like this cardigan would be the perfect item to cuddle up in if you were having a bad day or if the weather was not great and you were curled up on the sofa in your confused! However it can also be dressed up and worn as a slouchy, grungy edition to any outfit which is something I always embrace! The sizing is great and although I sized up as something can never be too oversized in my eyes, I definitely didn't need to, it was just a personal preference! 

I love blacks and greys. To me they will never get old or go out of style! This top is from the main range in Newlook and is great! I got a size 18 and it's ribbed and super stretchy so fits over my massive boobies! I imagine it isn't meant to be a crop top however on me that's how it sits which is exactly what I wanted to wear it with high waisted skirts and under tunic dresses! 

To check out the full Bon Prix plus size knitwear range, head over to their website - Bon Prix Plus Size Knitwear.

Lots Of Love,
KLJ x 

Love Thy Bust With Simply Be

I don't know about you, but I LOVE boobs. Big or small, they are all absolutely glorious. This month, Simply Be want us all to 'Love Thy Bust'. Whether this be getting to know the shape of your boobs and what is the best support for them, checking for lumps which is an essential task or simply getting a good measuring to make sure those puppies are enclosed as comfortably as possible!

Bra - Simply Be
I have always been a very busty individual, always. I remember being the first girl in my class to get boobs and after that day, they did not stop coming! Being plus size doesn't always mean being busty, but I find in my experience, the fact I am plus size has only increased my bust size a long with it haha! For many years, I made the age old mistake of not investing properly in GOOD, supportive but also cute bras. It is only over the last few years that I have started really spending time choosing my underwear. A few of my favourite large bust/back size lingerie brands are;
  • Curvy Kate - such a great, cute selection of both large cup and back sizes! There is always, always something for everyone and the girls at Curvy Kate are incredibly committed to promoting breast health and supporting breast cancer awareness!
  • Panache - Panache are a great stockist of incredible quality bras for larger cup/back sizes. They also stock a wonderful range of sports bras and their brief sizes go up to a very generous 22.
  • Simply Be - Of course, Simply Be have an incredible range of brands and sizes on offer. They have great sales and the variety of gorgeous patterns, materials and styles for all bust and back sizes is incredible!

Bra - Simply Be
I think its important to get to know the shape of your bust too. Despite what the media often portrays, not everyone has incredibly perky, very round boobs. In fact, shape is very varied throughout ladies! Personally, my breasts are what can be described as 'watermelons' haha! They are full, but sit in a U shape rather than a O. Bra wise, due to my bust size and shape, I find a full cup bra is what I prefer. It provides the best support and looks the best for me under clothes! If I'm planning some saucy activities, I might branch out into a balcony or a plunge because they look great but for comfort, practicality and support I would choose a full cup every time! Get to know your boobs - have a look at them and study the shape, get measured properly, treat yourself to nice underwear when you can afford it and most importantly - LOVE THY BUST.
For more information on the Love Thy Bust campaign, head on over to Love Thy Lady Lumps for a lot of great Bra based info from two fantastic lingerie bloggers as well as more information on how you can Love Thy Bust and raise awareness for breast cancer.
Lots Of Love,

Friday, 16 October 2015

Autumn Winter Wishlist - Footwear

This is my first time ever compiling a wishlist! Where have i been? There is nothing i love more than dreaming of all the beautiful things i want haha especially when it comes to shoes. Being a fat girl, i spent years thinking the only 'stylish' items i could own that weren't (generally) size dependent were shoes. Of course, i now know that is COMPLETELY untrue, however, my deep and burning love of footwear is something that will never leave me!

After the incredible and moving ending to the This Is England series this year, i have thought of nothing but chelsea boot and chelsea haircuts. These Cherry Red Kensington Flora Dr Marten's are heavenly. Deep and heavy reds are such a big trend this season and despite the patience required to break in a pair of DM's, once you're there, you will more than reap the rewards - they are not only stylish but pretty much everlasting! These are also available in black but i think the Cherry Red (or Ox Blood red) just has that extra something that makes me lust after them to an almost inappropriate level!

Now i'm not sure what it is i love about these Converse Brea Hi Leather Lace Boots but i adore them. I think they remind me of my ill-spent emo youth, during which time i basically lived in various forms of converse. They are stylish, simple, super versatille and i do love a black leather shoe! I know Chucks aren't everyones go to, but if i were looking for a classic trainer with an edge, these would be my first choice. Whether you wear them with skirts, trousers, dresses, casual or adding a twist to a more dressed up look - you know these will serve you well!

Winter is coming and ya'll know what that means, praise the lord, boot weather is on its way! These Ugg Australia Orion Ankle Boots are so perfect. The buckle detailing at each ankle gives them a masculine edge whilst the subtle wood-look heel and delicate leather still keep them feminine. I love an ankle boot because you aren't fully commiting to enclosing your entire leg haha but your feet remain toasty warm and dry - weather you wear them with tights, jeans, leggings etc, they will always look badass. Honestly, Ugg has never really been a brand that i have paid much attention to in the past, but these badboys made me really take notice!

These Vagabond Patent Leather Loafers are so chunky and delicious i can hardly contain myself. I am a SUCKER for anything patent - whether that be shoes, hand bags or items of clothing, i cannot get enough. As the weather gets colder and the ice sets in, the heavy soles of these loafers will be perfect to keep your feet firmly on the ground but also look super on point. Being an incredibly clumsy individual, any shoe that helps me NOT fall over is a great bonus haha. Most loafers we see now have tassles or some other adornment in the frontal area, however, the plain tongue of these gives them a mjore 90's, Buffy-inspired feel which, as you know, i will always embrace with open arms. You could definitely slay in these!

Oh Vans, my deep love for you will never end. As an emo teen, i feel in love with The Z Boys documentary, followed by Lords Of Dogtown. Despite being far too fat and clumsy to actually ever step onto a skateboard, i adored and still do adore, the simplicity of the original skater style. Vans embody that as far as i am concerned. This pair had me at Hello. Leopard print? YES. Vintage-look gold eyelets? YES. I am all over them. Although they wouldn't be the easiest shoe to coordinate because of the heavy, bold pattern, they are worth owning for everyday you ever feel fashion uninspired but shoe fierce. They are also currently in the sale over on Jake Shoes (Vans Era 59 Lace Pump In Leopard Print)!

Now last but by NO means least are my ultimate Autumn Winter footwear lust! Another pair of Vans, but this time a heavenly pair of Classic Slip Ons! After giving up trainers and casual footwear for a large percentage of my adult life, i am slowly reintroducing them into my wardrobe and this pair would be the ULTIMATE addition to my footwear collection. Look at the delicious shine on them? Look how classic and simple they are but what a statement they make? I could honestly gush on and on about these because they are glorious and i need them. All the Vans i have ever owned have been hard wearing and insanely comfortable from the word go and i am guessing (hoping) that these will be no different. They are also in the sale over on Jake Shoes, GRAB THEM WHILST YOU STILL CAN (Vans Classic Patent Slip On).

I have been lucky enough to be gifted a pair of the shoes by Jake Shoes and will be reviewing them very shortly for you guys, so keep an eye out! In the mean time, head on over to Jake Shoes to shop the full collection of Mens, Ladies & Kids shoes amongst other items, including their fabulous sale!

Lots Of Love,

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Fat & In It For The Fashion

I have been umming and arring about writing this post for a while, but I feel like now is the time to do so. I want to throw it out there that I AM FAT AND IN IT FOR THE FASHION.
Over the passing months, body politics has started to become a more prominent issue. Whether that be the media hating on fat people, the media hating on skinny people, fat people hating on skinny people, skinny people hating on fat people, 'average' sized people hating on either extreme etc, etc, etc. Regardless of who it comes from, it is a vicious cycle. I am so sick of seeing people digging through the remnants of every statement made to find something possibly offensive written within it. We do not need to make an issue out of every word ever written on weight, every picture ever posted of someone looking large or small - yes we need to fight for body positivity, but why can't that fight be supporting one another? Raising one another's confidence and self esteem rather than spending time tearing someone else down for wording something maybe not as they should have or posting something a little ill thought out.
Why can we not focus on complimenting and encouraging one another as a way to promote and instil body positivity? Whether you are fat, thin, in between, short, tall, black, white, Asian, whatever! You deserve to feel good about yourself! Rather than zoning in on any statement regarding weight and turning it on its head to claim it is offensive to someone, use your energy telling a friend they look ace in their new outfit, or telling a stranger you like their hair! Random acts of kindness are far more likely to change the world than hate and aggression.
Please don't mistake what I'm saying for complacency. If someone is consistently out of line, they should be tackled about that, but people should not be bullied and torn down based on one mistake. Debate is healthy, tackling opinions that differ to your own in a positive way is healthy, trying to educate people on the power of body positivity is healthy BUT no good can come from bullying or constantly searching for something to get on ones high horse about. We all have bad days, we are all guilty of saying something unnecessary and nasty about someone, we are all affected by things differently and sometimes we can't help but be upset by awkward mistakes people have made but we see enough sadness and deal with enough sadness personally everyday that we need to start creating reasons for people to see happiness and we are only human, PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES. We don't need to create any more reasons for people to be miserable. As cheesy and cliché as it sounds, a smile is worth a thousand words.

I am fat and I got involved in blogging and Instagram etc because I fucking love fashion. I love clothes and trends and expressing myself with my outfit choices. If I see someone online, or in the street that I think looks good for whatever reason REGARDLESS of their body type, I will tell them and social media and blogging has just aided that for me. I think what I'm getting at is that I have tried my best to stay out of any spats involving body politics because I frankly, don't have the energy to waste on negativity. I don't care what your body type is, if you look great, you look great, size has nothing to do with that and we should not be making more issues for ourselves where the issue of size is concerned, not everyone is out to get us based on our body type. If someone upsets you, address it and move on, hanging on to grudges isn't good for the soul. We don't have to be on the defensive all the time. Be positive, enjoy fashion, enjoy your body, encourage others to do the same but above all be positive and be kind, you never know whose day or life you might change for the better with a kind word. A negative word has never done anything close to that and never will.
Lots Of Love,

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Yours Clothing Cardiff - Ladies Night

So recently I was contacted by the lovely Jacqs at Yours HQ and asked to pop a long to their Cardiff store for a ladies night they were holding! This entitled all customers within a 2 hour window to 15% off of everything in store! The shop was packed full of new A/W stock and I was so excited to get trying on!

Fleece Wrap With Fur Neck And Cuff Trim (also available in black and purple) - £25, Brown & Red Colour Block Woven Wrap - £25
Khaki Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Swing Dress
     Khaki Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Swing Dress - £26, Black And White Faux Fur Stole With Silky Lining - £12
Wine Short Sleeved Longline Top With Split Sides - £17
Black Short Sleeved Longline Shirt With Sheer Panels - £26
Purple Embroidered Oversized Top With Bead Embellishment - £40, Black Faux Fur Gilet - £35
Black High Neck Swing Dress With Lace Long Sleeves - £35
Black Knee High Stretch Microfibre Boots (EEE Fit) - £45
The gorgeous folks at Yours said I could pick one outfit to take home with me and this was honestly the most difficulty I have ever had in choosing since I've been visiting the Cardiff store. In the end I went for the STUNNING fur gilet (I am a sucker for all things fur), the fur scar, the embellished purple sheer top and the incredible knee high boots! I will be posting a full outfit asap as I am so in love with all the items I was lucky enough to be given!
The Cardiff stores new manager, Katie, is incredible and always ensures they have the newest, most up to date and on trend stock available and that has really shone through with these new season lines. I think Yours as a brand are generally really upping their game with the variety, quality and sass of items they are selling and as this continues I can really see the brand growing even more than it already has over the last year!

All the ladies that work in the store are SUCH a giggle. They all really embrace the brand and are incredible with customers. Whilst I was trying on my items of choice, I observed them with general members of public that were shopping in the store and they could not have been more helpful! They honestly took on the roles of personal shoppers, suggesting items, changing sizes and giving styling tips - it was incredible to see. The women they helped left the store feeling valued and fabulous! I really do predict big things for this store so if you live in or around Cardiff or happen to be hanging out in Wales - get down to this store and grab some sweet fashions! The St David's Shopping Centre where this store is located hold an annual 'student night', during which most of the shops run some sort of crazy offer, the girls at the Yours store will be offering 20% off of everything that night so students, get on it!
Lots Of Love,