Monday, 26 January 2015

Troll In The Dungeon

So this post is going to be something a little different for me and something that I don't normally do, which is, addressing the haters.
This weekend, I received my first 'real' experience of what they call 'trolls' and it was rather a different experience to what I imagined it may be.
After my image was posted on the social media page of a great plus size brand (whom I do not hold AT ALL responsible for the actions of individuals in any way) because I had reviewed a piece of their lingerie for Valentine's Day, the majority of the comments left were wonderful, very positive or if they were critical - it was constructive criticism concerning the item I was wearing.
However, as expected, soon after, the hate began flooding in and I received some of the following comments;
'underwear is nice, tattoos are gross'
'looks terrible'
'this would not entice me to buy this, its so unflattering'
'horrible too many tattoos'
'I know when I look stupid in something and would never put it on the internet for the world to see'
'all we hear is plus size bloggers appeasing each other and lets face it, not all plus size bloggers look good'
'I'm a big girl, but this looks bad'
These comments continued and caused some very heated debate with a lot of incredible individuals standing up for me and questioning the necessity of these comments. People asked why they felt the need to comment on anything other than the item of clothing - which should have been the main point of focus. I also found that once challenged, these 'trolls' simply claimed they were giving their 'opinion'.
Maybe I am naïve in my view that there is a great difference between giving an opinion and just being a bit nasty? You can have a different opinion, without being rude and this can be voiced with being hurtful. When I first saw these negative comments popping up, I got a little fixated on them and as expected, they did start to hurt my feelings and niggle at me because they were so unnecessary. But thanks to a group of wonderful girls I am lucky enough to call my friends and some resolute positivity I began to realise that these nasty comments and rude 'opinions', really do not matter, at all, on any level.
I wanted to write this post just to say to everyone out there that has ever struggled with trolls, negativity, bullying or just plain rudeness - it DOES NOT MATTER. These individuals DO NOT MATTER. Their cruel words DO NOT MATTER. For every one one hater, there are 10 people inspired and motivated by you. For every one hater, there are 10 people relating to you and feeling their confidence grow. For every one hater there is ONE OF YOU and that is all that matters. You matter, what you do matters, how you feel about yourself matters, the confidence and inspiration you can provide to someone just by being who you are matters. Please do not let them bring you down, don't let their taunts ruin your day or knock your confidence.  No matter what they are hating on you for, it is not worth a second thought, if it wasn't that, it would be something else, you can never please everyone. I know sometimes it can feel easier said that done when you're greeted by a barrage of negativity but have a good cry, speak to your family, speak to your friends, eat some ice cream, have a bath, take a walk, work out, cuddle your other half, cuddle your pet, cuddle your soft toys - do what makes YOU feel good and you will soon see that all that matters is how you feel about yourself - which should NOT be determined by keyboard warriors, strangers or bullies. Kill them with kindness, class, good humour and humility and keep your head held high.
Trust me, the more your confidence grows, the less these people will matter - you are a beautiful a wonderful human being who offers more to the world than they ever could.
Christina knows.
Lots Of Love,

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Back On The Grid

As ya'll know, I bloody love a sale and I am more than happy to report that this gorgeous number is still available in the huge Simply Be sale!

Dress - Simply Be, Kimono - ASOS Curve, Socks - Primark, Sandals - ASOS, Beanie - Charity Shop.

I have lusted after this dress for so long! I umm'ed and ahh'ed about whether or not I could pull of a dropped waist until one day I thought, I like it, so I'm going to bloody get it and i am more than glad that I did! It's gorgeous! The dropped hem is so flattering, the little pleat in the skirt adds a cute feminine touch and the material super soft and durable. If you carry weight (like me) around your belly, definitely size up just to allow a little extra belly wiggle room! As soon as I received this dress I knew it would be great to wear to work and also to style up in the 'Sports Luxe' theme - a big trend that is still very much around, a long with the grid print trend that is set to be huge this year! 

Now although I would, in most circumstances, very much shun socks and sandals there is the occasional exception that can be made!

If you get a great pair of flat or heeled sandals and the right pair of socks, believe it or not, it can really work! It adds a quirky twist to any outfit and can work dressing up or dressing down! These socks cost me £1 from Primark and I love them - they fit perfectly with this outfit, adding a practical Winter edge to these summery sandals! 

I also think that adding a little OTT makeup to this 'Sports Luxe' trend works really well. I've over exaggerated my eyeliner and added a super simple soft pink lipstick! I am also so in love with this plain beanie - it actually belongs to my lovely man but as soon as I tried it on, I knew I would be pinching it. I'm usually not a hat person, because I honestly have a huge head haha, so any stretchy hat I find that I like, I am all over it!

Lots Of Love,

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Little Green Have A Happy Ending

Continuing on from my previous witchy ASOS Curve sale bargain, at the same time, I also grabbed another absolute beauty!

Dress - ASOS Curve, Tights - Evans, Brogues - Newlook (Wide Fit).

This dress really is a thing of complete beauty. As soon as I slipped it on, I felt wonderful. It's so feminine and soft, without being OTT and it has the most amazing added detailing - like the gorgeous lace hem, very gentle beige polka dots and cut out back! I sized up twice because I was concerned that the material would not be generous over my bust, so this is a 28 and fits really, really well. I would definitely recommend considering a double size up if you are busty or if you have bigger arms, as the gorgeous long sleeves could be very restricting in the wrong size! I love that I am completely covered up in this dress yet still felt totally sexy! I can safely say that this is my now my favourite dress!

I decided to wear this dress for the first time on a wonderful date day with my man, in Penarth, charity shopping and picnicking in the park! Usually when we go charity shopping, he comes away with bag loads and I find nothing! But this time I managed to score the most glorious find and my handsome chap bought it for me! 

Cardigan - Charity Shop, Dress - ASOS Curve, Tights - Evans, Brogues - Newlook (Wide Fit).

THIS CARDIGAN IS GLORIOUS! It is the softest, cosiest knit with an amazing, almost hairy, effect. It is a fabulous colour that sets off this outfit perfectly. Not only is it super cute and comfy but I think, after looking at the stitching, it may also be handmade! 

Now I'm not sure if they knitted the cardigan and then added the lining or bought the cardigan and added the lining but either way, this adorable homemade touch makes me love it even more! 

We had such a lovely day - picnicking in the park and we even made friends with this little guy who lives in the parks aviary! 

Lots Of Love,

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Sweet Comic Valentine

So we all know that Valentine's Day is approaching and whether you are in a relationship or single, ya'll deserve to feel wonderfully sexy & thanks to Yours Clothing, I have never felt sexier!

Babydoll - Yours Clothing

When Yours asked me to review a piece of their underwear for Valentine's Day, I knew instantly that this was the piece for me. I adore babydolls! I think they are sexy, classy and retro and this one is no exception! It's got a gorgeous lace bust with a beautiful floating body and adjustable straps! The cups don't have any support but still look gorgeous and very flattering. Not only is the material gorgeously sexy but it's also very comfortable, the lace is beautifully soft! I'm wearing a size 26/28 and it's a wonderful fit. Fitted without being too tight and the slight elasticating under the bust sits perfectly where it is supposed to. Although pink isn't usually a colour I would choose, I think this is the perfect colour for this piece! Soft, sexy and flirtatious without being OTT! Also if you're feeling a little concerned about areas of your body you're not so confident with, this is super gracious and super generous in hiding areas you may be a little conscious of! 

The back is just as cute and flattering as the front with the lace continuing around in a small panel with the adjustable straps very easy to increase or decrease in length. This beautiful babydoll comes with a thong, which is lovely but I have never been a thong girl so Yours very kindly sent me an incredible replacement for the thong!

Panties - Yours Clothing

These incredible frilly panties! They are the cutest, sauciest item I have ever owned! The frills are such fun and again, suit the retro feel of the babydoll perfectly.  I would recommend sizing up at least once with these just to make sure they sit as they should but I cannot fault them! They are entirely sheer aside from the frills so definitely should be kept for those special occasions - whether that be with your partner, lover, husband, wife or just with yourself! They may not be the most practical panties i have ever owned but sometimes practicality needs to be forgotten and fun needs to be the order of the day!

My wonderful man and I are heading to Leeds over the Valentine's weekend to see a band that we love and I know that this stunning babydoll and saucy pair of panties will be the first thing I pop into my case for a very, very happy Valentine's weekend haha!

Lots Of Love,
KLJ x 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

We Are The Weirdos Mister

Who can resist a sale right? So naturally as soon as I saw that ASOS has another of their incredible sales on, I couldn't help but take a look and grab some amazing bargains!

Dress - Truly You at ASOS Curve, Socks - Topshop, Shoes - Newlook, Necklace - Vintage, Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters.

Before this dress, I had never owned anything 'scuba'. When I first tried it on, I'll be honest with you, I wasn't sure but after wearing it for a little while - i am a complete convert. The material is soft and durable, super comfortable and really breathable - which, for me, is amazing because I get obscenely hot! I adore the cut of this dress too. It gives the illusion of a two piece when in fact, it's a full dress. 

I love the split back too, it's so unusual and allows for extra arm and bust movement! The length of the dress is amazing too, it sits perfectly just above the knee which is ideal for wearing with tights or without, depending on the occasion and temperature! My only caution in regards to this dress is that it does size very small. I sized up, so this is a 26 and I would say it wears more like a smaller 24. So my recommendation would definitely be to size up at least once! Aside from that, I love this dress, the fact it can be dressed up or down and worn for work or play! 

The angsty teenage goth in me cannot get enough of these socks or shoes. As you can see from the bobbling, these are my all time favourite socks and I wear them all the time! These shoes are incredibly comfortable and a stunning soft velvet, so although they wouldn't be entirely wearable in the rain - they are gorgeous. They are also available in a royal blue and burgundy - both of which I want to add to my collection haha!

With this outfit, I took as much inspiration as possible from 90's cult classic 'The Craft'. It is one of my all time favourite films and growing up I remember watching it and falling slightly in love with Nancy, her insanity and her incredible fashion choices - including dark, dramatic lipstick. Here I am wearing Mavala in 'Moka'. It's an amazing, smooth lipstick that goes on and stays on! The colour is a gorgeous deep brown  and I love it. 

Check out the incredible ASOS Curve sale whilst it's still on ladies - there are so many amazing bargains up for grabs!

Lots Of Love,

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Some Real Panache

After meeting the wonderful Panache at the British Plus Size Awards late last year, they super kindly sent me a gorgeous lingerie set to try! 

Bra & Panties - Panache.

Now this set is called the 'Paradise' set and I honestly can see why! The bra fits like an absolute dream. It feels wonderful and soft, with a full supportive cup, thick comfortable straps and a great back. I am wearing a 40H and although my size is generally a 42F, we compromised with a smaller back and a bigger cup and the fit is perfect - it fits just the same, if not better, than the majority of my 42F bras! The print is super cute butterflies and I love, love, love the deep purple they've chosen for the base colour! I used to only wear padded bras, but recently I have branched into an non-padded cup and honestly, I feel more supported and comfortable without padding now!

I was also really pleased with the panties! When they arrived I was concerned they wouldn't fit as they are a size smaller than I would normally wear, but I was pleasantly surprised! The front section is a gorgeous pattern to match the bra and the back of them is a sheer purple - sexy, but understated which I love! They sit in a really comfortable place on my belly and the back doesn't ride up my behind in an unsightly manner haha! 

All in all I really could not recommend this set enough! It's so comfortable, super cute, sexy but classy and such brilliant quality! If you haven't checked out Panache yet, you need them in your life! They will change your underwear game forever! 

Also, at the moment, oddly more than ever, we are being fed (no pun intended) such negativity about being larger - yet here I am, on the Internet, in my pants. Don't listen to any of it - do what makes you happy. If losing weight for YOU makes you happy, then go ahead. If staying the size you are makes you happy, then go ahead. No matter what size we are, we all deserve to feel fabulous in our own skin. I don't often stick my nose in and comment on the slightly more political side of the plus size world but I felt I needed to today. You are fabulous, no matter what they say. I genuinely didn't mean for that to rhyme.

Lots Of Love,