Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Some Real Panache

After meeting the wonderful Panache at the British Plus Size Awards late last year, they super kindly sent me a gorgeous lingerie set to try! 

Bra & Panties - Panache.

Now this set is called the 'Paradise' set and I honestly can see why! The bra fits like an absolute dream. It feels wonderful and soft, with a full supportive cup, thick comfortable straps and a great back. I am wearing a 40H and although my size is generally a 42F, we compromised with a smaller back and a bigger cup and the fit is perfect - it fits just the same, if not better, than the majority of my 42F bras! The print is super cute butterflies and I love, love, love the deep purple they've chosen for the base colour! I used to only wear padded bras, but recently I have branched into an non-padded cup and honestly, I feel more supported and comfortable without padding now!

I was also really pleased with the panties! When they arrived I was concerned they wouldn't fit as they are a size smaller than I would normally wear, but I was pleasantly surprised! The front section is a gorgeous pattern to match the bra and the back of them is a sheer purple - sexy, but understated which I love! They sit in a really comfortable place on my belly and the back doesn't ride up my behind in an unsightly manner haha! 

All in all I really could not recommend this set enough! It's so comfortable, super cute, sexy but classy and such brilliant quality! If you haven't checked out Panache yet, you need them in your life! They will change your underwear game forever! 

Also, at the moment, oddly more than ever, we are being fed (no pun intended) such negativity about being larger - yet here I am, on the Internet, in my pants. Don't listen to any of it - do what makes you happy. If losing weight for YOU makes you happy, then go ahead. If staying the size you are makes you happy, then go ahead. No matter what size we are, we all deserve to feel fabulous in our own skin. I don't often stick my nose in and comment on the slightly more political side of the plus size world but I felt I needed to today. You are fabulous, no matter what they say. I genuinely didn't mean for that to rhyme.

Lots Of Love,


  1. You look FABULOUS! I really really need some new bras, but it's just not in the budget right now.

    I don't often speak up much about the political side of plus blogging either, but I've noticed a weird knee jerk reaction to 'smaller fats" and I'm at a loss. I am who I am, I wear what I like and I take photos of it. I hope to inspire people of ALL sizes that you can be fashionable no matter what your body is like.


    1. Thank you so much lovely lady! Panache are another really great underwear company for larger busts, definitely check them out!
      There has been so much negativity around lately and I really believe that sometimes it is just nice to be nice! x

  2. Gosh, you look gorgeous! I am LOVING that set! The butterflies on it are so beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much, this is so kind of you! Its such a great set, the bra is so supportive but also really cute which I find can be difficult to get both of those things sometimes! x