Sunday, 22 February 2015

Call Her Green

So, this weekend, my beautiful man and I officially became home owners! It is so odd that I genuinely feel more grown up. Having moved all of our things into our new house, it was them time to head out for dinner for the sister-in-laws birthday!

Dress - Grazia for Simply Be, Tights - Evans, Shoes - Newlook (Widefit), Clutch - Newlook.

This dress is heavenly - especially the colour. I really struggle to find items in great shades of green, so when I found this i new I had to have it. The material is super soft and comfortable and the neckline is fabulous - I love the thin sheer panels, i think it adds that extra something to make this a really fantastic piece. 

I also love the tiered effect of the non-sheer panels which go down in size as they get closer to your neck. I think it's so unusual and really eye catching!

I picked up these shoes and this clutch (which I had been lusting after for months) in the Newlook sale for a combined total of £12! Such a bargain! The shoes are amazing - super sleek, comfortable and incredibly versatile, I could wear them smart, casual, to work or out for the evening as I have done here. I honestly love nothing more than a slightly masculine tailored shoe! Also, what can I really say about this clutch other than it is most likely the greatest clutch I own haha! It's so much fun and can really be the perfect statement item to set an outfit off! 

It's also great as a ridiculous photo prop!

For dinner, we went to Bistro8 which is just outside Risca in South Wales and it was glorious! Pembrokeshire baby squid, rare sirloin steak and Baileys cheesecake. Exactly what was needed after our day of officially moving into our very own home!

Lots Of Love,
KLJ x 


  1. A HUGE congrats to becoming a homeowner!! That is just not possible where I live, tiny houses sell for over a million. :/

    As you know, love that purse and I will happily wait to see a photo of you rocking it with your burger swimsuit! <3

    1. Thank you so much! That's so kind of you to say 😊! I will definitely be rocking this bad boy with my cheeseburger swimsuit in the summer haha! X

  2. How it the world did you have the energy to eat out after moving. Congratulations on the new home and you looked awesome as you always do.

    1. Haha oh bless you, thank you very much! It was actually nice to get dressed up and go out after a day of madness - plus we had no good in the house so it was good for us to be eating out haha! X