Saturday, 7 February 2015

She Will See You Now

I love surprising people. I love bringing something that no one would have expected and I love that I can do that at work. When people speak to me on the phone, they are usually quite shocked when they then meet me because I am heavily tattooed. People don't often associate being heavily tattooed with also being smart, professional, polite and intelligent. So, to me, power dressing is a great way to feel sexy without being OTT and to also show that you can be heavily tattooed and very professional!

Jacket - Lovedrobe, Dress - Monroe Knows, Shoes - Newlook.

The wonderful people at Lovedrobe kindly sent me this gorgeous jacket and it is the PERFECT addition to my power dressing wardrobe. I adore it! Anything with shoulder pads and I am sold but this jacket offers everything in my opinion! The waterfall cut of the front is flattering and comfortable, the shoulder pads add shape and definition to the soft material and the colour and 'tweed' pattern give it the edge that I love. It's such a great fit and the sleeves are a great length too - still professional but without being too formal and rigid like some long sleeved Blazers can feel. 

This jacket is available in other colours too but I loved the sexy depth of this purple! Teamed with this incredible, classic dress and a pair of patent heels I feel more than ready to take on any business world! 

Lots Of Love,


  1. I get the same kind of shocked response especially when dealing in area of attachment and trauma. Obviously heavily tattooed woman cannot be threapists either. We shall see.

    Also on a completely different note I just read that you love country music, me too xx

    1. Really? I'm quite surprised you get that reaction in that field! I adore country music, it's my absolute favourite :)! X