Saturday, 7 February 2015

Teddy Girl

Sometimes I love adding a little retro twist to my outfits. Taking a little inspiration from iconic styles always pleases me hugely! This time, I have embraced a little of the incredible Teddy Boy, thanks to a little help from a gorgeous number gifted to me by plus size retailer Topsy Curvy.

Shirt - Topsy Curvy, Jacket - Charity Shop, Boots - Evans, Necktie - Vintage. 

This shirt is the epitome of incredible! It is so unusual and cut so perfectly. Usually
I'm not a shirt girl because being busty can cause a lot of pulling and popping issues! But thankfully, this shirt is an exception to that rule. The dipped front and back with the high cut sides are super dramatic and allow you to flash the flesh and feel hugely sexy, whilst still remaining modest and classy! If you wanted to formalise the shirt dress or wear it more classically, the buttons at the side do up to leave just a little high rise effect!

It's a super soft, good quality material that is breathable but also warm. The traditional, masculine cut of the collar allows you to wear it buttoned with an accessory, as I have here, or open and more casual! 

This stunning necktie actually belongs to my man, but I borrowed it for the greater good of this outfit haha! It was such a great find and its so unusual - I love it! It works perfectly to add that little extra something to this great shirt dress. 

What fashion movements inspire you? 

Lots Of Love,


  1. Pulling inspiration from Teddy Girl fashion is one of my goals this year! This is a perfect outfit! Love it!


    1. Do it! It's one of my favourite retro styles, I love the masculine tailoring and edgy cuts - such a great fashion movement! X

  2. I absolutely love this look

    1. Thank you so much! It's definitely one of my favourite outfits to date I think! X

  3. oh oh oh! I have been loving these photos online!! I adore this dress and blazer combo! I wish I lived closer to you so I could borrow the whole number!


    1. Thank you so much beautiful lady! I am sure I am a lot bigger than you but if you lived closer you'd be more than welcome to raid my wardrobe any time haha! X