Sunday, 15 March 2015

One Mint Julep

If I'm totally honest, I have never been a sweater kind of girl. I've always avoided things with high necks because they made me feel a little claustrophobic! Until now! 

Sweater - Simply Be, Skirt - Charity Ship, Shoes - Vivienne Westwood, Brooch - Charity Shop.

This cropped sweater from Simply Be is heavenly! Not only is it the most glorious, stretchy material ever but it is also super soft and luxurious! As I said, previously I have avoided things with high necks as I tend to find them a little restricting but the neckline on this is perfect. It sits high but doesn't feel like it's strangling me haha. The cute woven-esque knit pattern is adorable and makes me feel like a cute Grandma from the 1950's. I also love the colour, pastels seem to have made a big comeback this season and this gorgeous soft mint is definitely one of my favourite pastel shades. I also love the length of the sleeves, they're just below capped and just above the elbow - so cover any arm areas you might be concerned about   but are also short enough for this to be wearable in slightly warmer weather too.

I've had this brooch for such a long time but always struggled with what to wear it on because it's quite an unusual shape. As soon as i tried on this sweater, I knew it would be perfect for it. It sticks with the cute Grandma theme that I am definitely feeling with his outfit but gives the sweater a little pop of something instead of wearing more traditional jewellery items. 

I added a lick of my absolute favourite lipstick of the moment, Bourjois Rouge Edition in Rouge Jet Set! I love love love a bold lip! Although I've said it time and time again, I am primarily a matte lipstick girl, this Bourjois number has the perfect dash of shine to it that means it's super hydrating without being too glossy for me! 

Lots Of Love,


  1. that green is such a lovely colour

    B x

    1. Thank you lovely! I think it's definitely my favourite pastel shade! X

  2. Cute blouse :) M&MFASHIONBITES
    Maria V.

    1. Thank you very much! It's lovely isn't it? Def a piece I would recommend! X

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