Monday, 22 June 2015

Bonmarche Blog Swap

So recently I was contacted by the lovely people at Bonmarche who asked me to take part in the #BMbloggerswap challenge. The challenge was that you were paired with another blogger and you had to choose outfits for one another from the Bonmarche website with a budget of £70! I was paired with the lovely Hollie from Pretty Big Butterflies ( and here is the outfit she chose for me!

Kimono - Ann Harvey for Bonmarche, Leggings - Bonmarche, Cami Top - Bonmarche, Necklace - Bonmarche, Shoes - Newlook, Bag - Primark.

Now I must be honest with ya'll, this outfit is not the sort of thing I would normally wear however I can 100% appreciate the quality of the items! The kimono is a gorgeous soft, light and airy material making it perfect for summer evenings and strolls on the beach, the leggings are super stretchy (you could easily size down once) and mega comfortable with added zip detail to give them a little edge and the cami is a great soft quality and could be worn with almost any outfit so it's incredibly versatile. 

I do love a cheeky zip detailing, it has turned these nice, simple pair of leggings into an item you could easily wear as you would a pair of cigarette pants. I would love to wear these with an oversized shirt and tie to produce the perfect androgynous office/work outfit!

The necklace Hollie chose for me is adorable and super pretty. It sits at a great length for me rather than hanging too low or too high which I find can be an issue for us bustier ladies! I love the turquoise detailing and the cute gold ball centre piece. 

I picked up this bag for £1 in Primark a little while ago and I knew it would be the perfect accessory to add to this outfit. It picks up the gold from the necklace and the tassels add a little touch of 'me' to this outfit.

Now as I said, this isn't an outfit I would have chosen for myself but, I do love each item individually and I can't wait to style them with different pieces because I know I will get a huge amount of wear out of all of them that way! The quality is unquestionable and considering this full outfit (minus shoes and bag) came to £70, I am super impressed! Well done Bonmarche for providing ace quality items for great prices! 

I had such a lot of fun doing the #BMbloggerswap and putting my date in Hollie's hands! It was something totally different and I would love to do something similar again! 

Lots Of Love,


  1. I love the idea of this, I have to agree with you that its not 100% you, seems a little mature for your style but the basics are nice.

    1. The basics are lovely :)! They're all really nice, good quality items :)! X

  2. Your sense of style is really good.

  3. I'm a really curvy girl and I have an extremely hard time finding pants that rest high enough on my waist so that my butt doesn't make me have to pull them up continuously. I purchased my first pair of this brand of work out clothes at a Marshall's and my hunt for more ended here.