Saturday, 13 June 2015

Brogues For Days

Once again, I greatly apologise for my silence! Life has been so busy - mostly with work, but also with various activities and a new man friend (I will get to that later hehe). But last night was date night, which involved lots of food and Jurassic World (which I would totally recommend if you're in the market for a really fun, slightly cheesy, all round badass dinosaur movie)!

Swing Dress - Simply Be, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Socks - Primark, Brogues - Clarks, Clutch - Primark.

Now overly patterned things usually wouldn't be my first choice however this is glorious. The black and white monochrome mixed with a 60's inspired geo print makes me so happy! Anything 60's inspired and I am all over! The best way I can describe this material is 'mole skin'. Now, of course, it isn't mole skin, but it's soft, supple and slightly furry which in turn makes it ridiculously comfortable and allows the dress to fall beautifully. It also has two front pockets which, although a tad unnecessary for me personally as I'm not a pocket girl, they do add a cute twist to the standard swing dress. I felt glam but also comfortable and retro in this gorgeous dress so I cannot recommend it enough to ya'll. The sizing is also wonderful, no sizing up required, totally true to size!

Now let's get on to these brogues. THE BROGUES!!! Honestly? I am a sucker for a cute, CHEAP pair of shoes that will ultimately destroy my feet or last no longer than a few weeks. I had been telling myself for months I needed to invest in a GOOD pair of shoes so when I saw these, it was love at first sight. They are Clarks, so you know the quality would never questionable! But they are also totally stylish, on trend, comfortable and supportive. They have a tiny heel (no more than half an inch) which adds a feminine touch and the fit is impeccable. I have pretty giant feet, I'm a size 8 and sometimes I wear wide fit, but sometimes not - it all depends on the shoe. These are standard fit and my trotters were in heaven! They are a little pricey, but seriously worth every penny! Invest in a statement brogue and you are good to go! (The socks are also adorable, £1 from Primark! You have to be super careful putting them on as the main sock is a very thin tight-esque material but they are  just so cute). 

I also want ya'll to take a minute to appreciate this pop art inspired clutch. £6!! Six pounds!! Look at it! It's fun, ridiculous and a little scary. When I bought it, I thought, I don't care if I never use it, I just love it and have to have it however since buying it, I have used it more than any other clutch I own. So thanks Primark for this absolute beast. 

I went with a little 60's inspired face to go with the dress - adding lash flicks under my bottom eyelashes in the style of the ever iconic Twiggy. I also busted out my classic, go to MAC lipstick of choice - Lady Danger. It's verging on an orange red but I think the final colour of it really depends on your own colouring and because I'm whiter than white, it swings more to the red end of the scale on me. 

And finally, here is a little treat for ya'll. my new man friend. He is a handsome devil, dresses better than I do and he buys me flowers - for now that's all you're getting hehe.

It's so nice to be back in the blogging saddle! I won't be leaving it anywhere near as long this time!

Lots Of Love,

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