Friday, 3 July 2015

Forever Living - Aloe Vera Heaven

So as ya'll know, I am by no means a beauty blogger, I am fashion fashion fashion all the way! However, when my beautiful friend Emily came to me and asked me to review her Forever Living products, I jumped at the chance. I am a complete beauty product sell out and I love trying and testing all the latest lotions and potions. Before Emily started selling these products, I had used and sworn by a few Aloe Vera based items in the past (nothing brightens healed tattoos like Aloe Vera Gel!) so I was eager to give these a whirl! My housemates and I decided to make an occasion of it and get together for a girly pamper evening!

So Emily put together a little 'Pamper Box' for us, with samples of some of the best facial treatment products on offer! We have (from left) an eye cream, a lotion, a scrub, a cleanser, a gel, a toothpaste and a toner. All these products are super reasonably priced (around £13 each) and will last you a good amount of time as you only need a touch of each, for each treatment.

Emily also included the best selling Aloe Mask (she also gave us our own application kit, which was adorable, a spoon for mixing the product and a brush for application), which has been nicknamed 'The Botox Mask' because of its tightening and firming result after just one application. To make up the mask you have to mix one teaspoon of the powder, with one tea spoon of the activator. Being super girly, we were all really excited to give this a go.

Firstly, we tried the scrub which felt glorious. It was refreshing and awakening. I didn't know for a long time that a lot of scrubs use plastic, unnatural exfoliating beads which are not only not great for your skin but are also terrible for the environment as they don't decompose and can cause a lot of damage to wild life! This scrubs is entirely natural and also gentle, which is really important for me as I have the worlds most sensitive skin!

In our box Emily also included this glorious smelling 'Vanilla Sugar' candle to burn whilst we were pampering for additional relaxation and it did smell delicious. I am a huge sucker for scented candles!

After the scrub we also cleansed and toned. I think my favourite product of all was the toner. It was so fresh and revitalising - it left my skin feeling bright, alive and smooth! Out of all the products I would absolutely recommend this, my pores have never felt so clean! 

After that, we moved on to the mask! When you mixed the two products together you were aiming for a 'lotion' consistency which was super easy to achieve. We mixed one teaspoon of the activator with one teaspoon of the powder and it made more than enough mask for all three of us. Painting it on was super easy and it smelt and felt beautiful. Although the mixture itself was pink, when applied to your skin it came out completely clear and began hardening almost instantly!

Although you can't really see it in this picture, the mask hardens to the point where you actually cannot move your face. Its hilarious. It is suggested that you 'limit facial movement for up to 30 minutes', but the harder the mask got, the funnier it felt, so the more we laughed. However, even with our hysterical laughter, it didn't crack the mask! It was indestructible! As odd as it felt, as it hardened it also felt good, really firming and toning!

Its hard to tell here because the mask is clear but we all have it on! The biggest surprise was when you went to remove the mask. It suggested you did it using a warm, damp cloth. I was not convinced this was going to remove even an inch of this hardcore beast! But, as soon as I applied the warm, damp cloth to my face, the mask melted away, it was magic! There was no horrible scrubbing required or excess washing, it felt wonderful. After the mask is fully removed, it recommends you tone and moisturise, which we all did using the Forever Living toner and moisturiser/gel (I used the gel and Amy and Sam used the moisturiser).
I am hard to please with beauty products because I have such sensitive skin and although I was eager to try these, I was concerned I would either end up with a horrible rash or end up with super oily skin which more often than not happens to me when I try something new. But I woke up this morning and my skin really has never felt better. It was soft, toned, fresh and really did feel tighter! The mask comes in at roughly £27 for both parts of it, but it is definitely worth it. Do that bad boy once a week and you will have skin softer than a babies bum. I promised Emily that when writing my review I would be totally honest, even if I didn't have positive things to say, but that has not been an issue at all haha. Forever Living is the new 'thing' and I really can see why - you need it in your life!
After all that glorious pampering we finished the evening with a Gin & Tonic, hideous cocktail umbrella 100% necessary.

If you would be interested in purchasing any of these products from the lovely Emily, feel free to contact me and I can pass on Emily's details to you!

Lots Of Love,


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