Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Spa Days With Curvy Kate & Figleaves

Earlier this year I had the absolute pleasure of attending a glorious spa day at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel with Curvy Kate & Figleaves to celebrate the launch of their new swimwear collection and the launch of #SwimStories!

This was the first ever blogger event I had attended and I was so pleased to lose my event virginity to the gorgeous Curvy Kate girls haha! As you can see the Spa was in the most incredible location, in a secluded, luxury area of Chelsea.

Not only was this day delightful because it was pure luxury but it was also delightful because I got to hang out with some of my favourite blogger babes. Especially my Fairy God Mother, Em Smyth from Terrible Tumbles (www.terribletumbles.co.uk) who took care of me at my very first blogger event and also on my very first solo visit to London!

As soon as we arrived we got stuck straight into the gorgeous collection of swimwear, each picking our favourite piece.

I chose this beautiful spotty tankini. The bottoms had a stunning ruffled waist band and the cup support in the breast area is incredible! My only concern at picking a tankini was that it would either roll down, or rise up and this did neither! I could swim and splash and frolic happily without worrying about something inappropriate falling out! I wore a size 22 bottoms and a size 40H top - both of which are smaller than the sizes I would normally wear but they both fitted incredibly!
Once we were all in the pool, we assembled for a group shot! As the above photograph shows, we were all loving life haha. All shapes and sizes, all wearing beautiful swimwear! The launch of #SwimStories is giving you guys a chance to win a spa break for two! All you need to do is share your #SwimStories! Has something cute, embarrassing, entertaining or generally fun happened to you whilst you have been wearing your favourite piece of swimwear? Then Curvy Kate and Figleaves want to hear from you! Using this hashtag, get on Instagram and Twitter and share your #SwimStories for your chance to win this spa break and lets face it, who doesn't love a spa break haha?

So this is my #SwimStory haha. More than once I have been enjoying a pool and I have been asked by small children if my tattoos will wash off in the water!

I really can't recommend this swimwear enough. I felt fabulous in it and it really was practical and comfortable too! Head on over to www.figleaves.com or www.curvykate.com to shop the collection now!

After all sharing our #SwimStories, we dressed and dried off and enjoyed beautiful hand massages some incredible nibbles and beverages courtesy of the Chelsea Harbour Hotel!

I had such a fantastic day and it was so lovely to meet the team from Figleaves, as well as getting to hang out with my favourite Curvy Kate party girls and a group of beautiful blogger babes! All topped off by getting an early preview of this beautiful Swimwear collection.

Ladies please get entering the #SwimStories competition, we all deserve a chance to relax, so this is the perfect opportunity to win that for you and a friend/family member!

Lots Of Love,

Friday, 21 August 2015

Chub + Horizontal Stripes

So I have been having a bit of a bum time over the last few weeks, however, the worst is now over and I am beginning to feel like my old self again! One of my pet 'fashion hates' is being told what I should and shouldn't wear because of my body shape. Wear whatever the hell makes you feel good, who cares what fruit they try to compare your body type with! Horizontal stripes have always been a 'no go' for fatties but I have 0 interest in that!

Dress - Yours Clothing, Shoes - River Island, Bag - Primark, Sunglasses - Pull&Bear.

As soon as I saw this dress in the Yours sale, I knew it had to be mine. It has everything I love. Gold, cold shoulder, 90's high neck and a saucy little split! I believe the intention of this dress was for it to be a 'bodycon' number but that really isn't my thing so I upsized a couple of times and this was the result! The perfect 90's-esque maxi! The material is unbelievably comfortable, incredibly stretchy and pretty much feels like I'm wearing a giant nightshirt haha. There is a great gold thread running through the entire dress that adds a little sparkle and glamour to a casual number - which is always something I adore! I cannot recommend this dress enough - whether you wear it oversized as I have or bodycon as it was intended, either way, it's badass and proves fat girls can 100% do horizontal stripes! 

I can't tell you how good it feels to be getting back to my old self again! Expect the return of semi nude Instagram selfies and lots more blog posts!

Lots Of Love,

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Black Or White

You know me, I love a bit of monochrome. Anything and everything. Black and white is easily my favourite combination - call me boring but I think black and white does things that other colour combinations just can't achieve! So when I was asked to review a piece by the lovely cats at Lovedrobe, I knew straight away what to choose!

Wrap/Kimono - Lovedrobe, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Shoes - Matalan, Sunglasses - Pull&Bear, Belt - ASOS Curve. 

Oh this kimono! This kimono! It is beyond versatile. It's cut in a shirt style, complete with collar and cuffable sleeves but I decided to do something a little different with it. Rather than wearing it as an open kimono, I opted to add a belt and create a wrap top effect. It works great! The waterfall cut of the front of the jacket means there is a lot of extra material, perfect for wearing like this, crossed over, or classically left to fall of their own accord! Now my only little qualm with Lovedrobe is that their sizing is a tad small. This is a 26 and I range from a 24 to a 26 depending on the item, how it's cut and where it's from. The top of the sleeves on this are a little tight but not to a huge degree - however i would definitely recommend excersizing caution if you are a bigger size 26 when ordering from Lovedrobe! That being said, this item otherwise is fantastic! The material is a great, soft, light quality, the pattern is to die for and it is so versatile, as I mentioned before! It can be dressed up or down and can be worn in so many different ways!

I picked up these babies from Matalan, in their sale for £3! £3!!!! I was blown away and they are, without a doubt, the most comfortable shoes ever! They were also available in burgundy, silver and gold but as always, the patent black was a no brainier choice for me. 

Pull&Bear is a funny store. I've only ever seen one and it's in Cabot Circus in Bristol. It's almost a cross between Newlook and Urban Outfitters! The clothing sizes are sissy however the accessories and shoes are great. I couldn't bypass these ridiculous mirrored, clear plastic bad boys when I went in their most recently. I am so glad I bought them as I know I would have massively regretted it if I hadn't!

Lots Of Love,
KLJ x 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

It's Called Black Magic

I had been looking for a cute, black, cropped jumper for such a long time and had, until now, had no luck in finding one I was really taken by, until I discovered this little beauty!

Jumper - Next Clearance, Skirt - ASOD Curve, Shoes - Yours Clothing.

My parents live very close to Clarks Village a popular little outdoor shopping centre which includes a number of clearance stores, including a Next Clearance store! I don't often go in there with high hopes of finding anything as the majority of their stock tends to be smaller sizes, however they do occasionally have a plus size that sneaks it's way in! This beauty is a 22 and is super generous, the material is ribbed and stretchy, with a knitted edging around the collar and bottom of the jumper. The sleeves are a great length, as sometimes I do struggle with sleeves being a little short (I must have weirdly long arms)! This jumper will be perfect for Autumn and Winter because it is quite thick but considering the British Summer we are experiencing, there has been an odd day I've been able to wear it haha! 

Not only am I entirely taken with this jumper visually but the fact I managed to pick it up for £8 makes it even better haha! £8!!!! Even the lady at the tills congratulated me on finding a bargain haha.

Lots Of Love,

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Summer Footwear With Yours

I don't know about you guys but I suck at summer footwear. I always pick the same easy, comfortable, plain pumps because I know they take absolutely 0 effort to wear and or break in haha! However I have been given the absolute pleasure of reviewing two incredible summer footwear alternatives from Yours Clothing and I could not love them both any more if I tried!

These 70's inspired heels are literally glorious. As I have mentioned many times before, I am awful in heels but these are SO comfortable. The small platform makes them incredibly gentle on your feet and the wide fit means they are comfortable on even the widest trotter! I can walk without any kind of balance fear in these because the height is just enough to make a difference but not too little to be pointless haha! The cork effect bottoms are adorable and mean they could be dressed up or dressed down super easily! I have the perfect two tier effect dress to wear with these and I will make sure I post a full outfit picture asap! These beauties are also in the Yours sale at the moment for just £15! 

Now these bad boys are a very popular style at the moment! Although they appear chunky, they are in fact very lightweight so super easy to walk in and super comfortable! I would say that if your feet have a tendency to swell as the day goes on, these may not be the shoes for you due to the strap detailing but even if your feet do swell, you could wear them for shorter periods of time without any issue! These really are so versatile and could be worn with a dressy outfit or a more casual outfit without any effort at all! The ankle straps have a great amount of sizing holes for all kinds of different ankle shapes and widths. I have the perfect sport luxe outfit to wear these guys with and I will be posting a full outfit adap for ya'll!

Thank you Yours for providing me with such ace summer footwear alternatives (both shoes pictured are a size 8). 

Lots Of Love,
KLJ x 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

The Curve Fashion Festival 2015

Ok so for a little while now I have been hearing rumblings about The Curve Fashion Festival 2015. From what I've heard, this promises to be a unique and never before seen curve fashion event, dedicated to fashion and helping aid the shift in today's culture when it comes to curve fashion! 

The website describes the event as the following;

'This brand new and unique fashion festival is set on becoming the UKs largest plus size event. Taking place at Manchester Central on Saturday 26th September 2015.

With over 50 high street and independent retailers expected to trade on the day through our custom built pop up shops ready to dress women size 14 and onwards!

As well as bringing the latest in shopping to our ticket holders we will also be providing two catwalk shows to an audience of 800 including press. A unique selling point is our two ticket only seminars with plus size fashion insiders also to an audience of 800. Some of the biggest names in the industry will be flying into Manchester to talk and meet with the audience and event attendees.This brand new and unique fashion festival is set on becoming the UKs largest plus size event. Taking place at Manchester Central on Saturday 26th September 2015.

​The Curve Fashion Festival is centred around high fashion for all shapes and sizes. The trade hall floor will be broken into four sections; high street/online retailers, designer/boutique retailers, accessories & finally there will be a bridal section. 


Along with the pop up shops, the exchange hall will also host a champagne bar and afternoon tea pop up restaurant.


The Clothes Show Live and Vogue's Fashion Night Out prove that fashion events succeed in the North, so why not have more of them?


With this logic in mind we have decided the event would be perfectly timed straight after London Fashion Week September 2015. 



The recent cultural shift in attitudes towards body image makes now the perfect time for an event of this magnitude. With the worlds biggest and best retailers all showcasing under one roof to unite women of all shapes and sizes. 

The Curve Campaign is all about embracing all body types whatever shape or size. It is about showing that plus size fashion is fashionable and about creating a platform for it to be recognised in the mainstream fashion industry. 

At The Curve Fashion Festival there will be seminars, pop up shops, personal styling sessions and catwalk shows to prove that looking good is about feeling good.'

I don't know about you but I think this sounds pretty damn fantastic!

Amongst some of the big names in the Fatshion world attending are Tess Holliday, Hayley Hasselhoff, Louise O'Reilly and Face Of The Festival, Fluvia Lacerda!

Tickets are selling fast, so head on over and grab yours - http://www.thecurvefashionfestival.co.uk/tickets2.html! I would love to hang out with a few of ya'll there?

The festival will be taking place on the 26th of September in central Manchester from 11am onwards! 

Lots Of Love,