Tuesday, 4 August 2015

It's Called Black Magic

I had been looking for a cute, black, cropped jumper for such a long time and had, until now, had no luck in finding one I was really taken by, until I discovered this little beauty!

Jumper - Next Clearance, Skirt - ASOD Curve, Shoes - Yours Clothing.

My parents live very close to Clarks Village a popular little outdoor shopping centre which includes a number of clearance stores, including a Next Clearance store! I don't often go in there with high hopes of finding anything as the majority of their stock tends to be smaller sizes, however they do occasionally have a plus size that sneaks it's way in! This beauty is a 22 and is super generous, the material is ribbed and stretchy, with a knitted edging around the collar and bottom of the jumper. The sleeves are a great length, as sometimes I do struggle with sleeves being a little short (I must have weirdly long arms)! This jumper will be perfect for Autumn and Winter because it is quite thick but considering the British Summer we are experiencing, there has been an odd day I've been able to wear it haha! 

Not only am I entirely taken with this jumper visually but the fact I managed to pick it up for £8 makes it even better haha! £8!!!! Even the lady at the tills congratulated me on finding a bargain haha.

Lots Of Love,

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