Sunday, 13 September 2015

A Day At The Office

When I was contacted recently by M&Co and asked to review a piece for them, I was instantly inspired to use my chosen piece to up my workwear game!

Cardigan - M&Co, Shirt - Evans, Trouser  Look Leggings - Bon Marche, Shoes - Office, Belt - ASOS Curve, Glasses - Osiris (Specsavers).

I don't know about you guys but I really struggle with feeling inspired when it comes to my everyday workwear! I usually end up picking the same few things from my wardrobe and that is that. However this cardigan is the perfect piece to add something different to your usual items! Now it's getting a little colder, I find i need some kind of cover up but nothing quite too heavy yet, so when this arrived I was so pleased. It's a great, lightweight, very soft material and the bat wig sleeves are roomy and breathable. I've added a belt around the waist just to put a little twist on this gorgeous cardigan. It could be work over almost everything and could be styled up or down depending on what sort of working day you were having! Also, nothing makes me feel glam as easily as leopard print so adding a dash of that to your work wardrobe always works wonders for me!

Honestly before this, M&Co would never have been a go to shop for me. Not for any reason, just because it wasn't somewhere I would automatically think of. However, after receiving this incredible staple piece, I cannot recommend them enough for great, versatile essentials! Check out their full plus range over on their website -

Lots Of Love,


  1. I was instantly inspired to use my chosen piece to up my workwear game! Fisherman Sweater

    1. Such great office wear isn't it? Super simply but makes you feel fabulous! x