Sunday, 13 September 2015

Almost Famous

So I have been absolutely dying to share this outfit with you guys!! When Simply Be contacted me and asked me to choose what I would wear for London Fashion Week from their website, I was beside myself with excitement! The 70's is such a huge, huge trend this year and Simply Be particularly offer some incredible plus size options so on point for this trend! So, that is what I went with! 

Full Outfit - Simply Be (including sunglasses and shoes. Small back top under dress is not Simply Be).

I do not even know where to start with this outfit. It is literally, my dream outfit. This coat is possibly one of the most incredible items I have ever owned. The real suede is of unbelievable quality and the soft satin lining is gorgeous. I can never get enough of faux fur so the addition of the white faux fur trim is glorious. As the weather gets colder I am willing the day to come where it will be cold enough for me to wear this coat every single day! The tie waist just adds a sweet extra feature and pockets are always a handy addition to any item! I honestly can't rave over the quality enough - I'm wearing a size 28 and it is a perfect 28, allowing me plenty enough space to wear a variety of items underneath it without feeling too restricted! I also love the clashing shades of the coat and dress together - it reminds me of the autumn leaves! 

As soon as i saw these suede shift dresses popping up on trend in different stores I was desperate for one but I was unsure I would find one that was cut well enough to fit a fat body comfortably. But this one is fantastic! The quality, again, it's divine and the material is soft and luxurious. The pockets are just a feature and don't actually have an opening but they do add a cute extra to the dress! I was also concerned it would be INCREDIBLY warm because of the suede but it's really breathable which is great for me as I do get hot so easily. I've added a little high neck black top under the dress just to style it up a little. It could easily be worn with nothing underneath, however, I  love how it looks with the high neck against the scoop of the dress! Everyone is aware that Simply Be sizing can be hit and miss so I got this in the biggest size available, a 32. Honestly, it comes up more like a 26 so ladies over a size 26, I would be careful when ordering this or at least bare it in mind! That issue doesn't detract from how incredible the dress is though, I adore it and it makes me feel so vintage, 70's and fabulous!! 

Simply Be stock a huge variety of great shoes. Sole Diva being a brand that offers cute shoes, for great prices! These brown brogues are no exception! Look how cute they are! The mix of leather and suede is stunning and adds a truly vintage feel to them. They are super comfortable and the sizing, width wise, is brilliant. I don't have to wear wide fit shoes but if I like a shoe that is wide fit, it would never stop me purchasing them, it just means there's a little extra room for my trotters haha! 

This entire outfit makes me feel like Penny Lane, including these wonderful mirrored, coloured aviators. The cute gold rims mean they are super versatile and can't be worn with almost anything and the size of them is ace too as I love a large pair of sunglasses!! 

Simply Be offer so many incredible pieces and despite the occasional issue with sizing, I can't fault them. Especially when it comes to the trends - they always ensure they offer pieces that follow the top trends for us fabulous, fat ladies! 

Lots Of Love,


  1. You chose well! I haven't been crazy about the 70's trend myself...that is until I saw you in this jacket, now I am desperate to own one of these!

    heart eyes!

    1. Thank you so much lovely lady! I have actually been adoring the 70's trend, I love all the textures and autumnal colours so much! X

  2. I ADORE this outfit and it immediately screamed PENNY LANE at me but it's very rare that anyone ever "gets" that reference so I adore that you mentioned it in your post.

    Its all happening x

    1. Haha oh I'm so glad you got the reference and thank you for being so kind about my outfit! I honestly adore all these pieces! I can't wait until it's cold enough to wear this coat regularly! IT'S ALL HAPPENINGGGGGGG! X