Monday, 28 September 2015

#GirlGangGoals with ASOS

Recently I was lucky enough to be asked by the glorious Mrs Bebe of Mrs Bebe Blog to be part of her Girl Gang for ASOS. Myself, Mrs Bebe and the heavenly Em Smyth of Terrible Tumbles clubbed together to create a squad that can only be described as the love child of Dolly Parton & Joan Jett. I could not think of two better girls to share a gang with as I deeply adore both of these human beings, their stunning faces and incredible plus size fashion sense. In our posts, we decided that we were going to pay homage to the original Girl Gangs of old.

Jacket & Polo - ASOS Curve (skirt tights and shoes - my own)
As ya'll know, ASOS have forever been my favourite plus size brand. They offer the most incredible, fashion forward, eclectic selection of fashions available for plus size women of today! The pieces I am wearing in these shots are no exception. The quality of these items is second to none, the heavy suede of the jacket means the cut and fall are impeccable and the gorgeous lurex mix of the polo means it is not only sparkly and fabulous, but comfortable and incredibly versatile. I had always dreamt of owning a jacket that made me feel like a country and western star and now I can truly say that that dream has come true! The fringing on the sleeves and back of this jacket is flawless and so on trend - fringing is still a big deal! The colours in the polo have something to suit everyone which means there isn't one person that would feel it 'wouldn't suit them' and not only that but the sparkly thread running through it almost reminds me of Christmas, which is basically my favourite time of year ever haha!

I really love the concept of this campaign ASOS are currently running with a few groups of bloggers. Female solidarity is so important - no matter what race, age, sexuality, creed - we need to stick together. Find your girl gang, whoever that may be, whoever you feel at home with, whoever brings out the best in you and stands by your side through it all. Go out drinking, wear each others clothes, sit and drink a cup of tea, eat cake, dance all night, cuddle in bed in your pyjamas - cherish those girls in your gang because those girls are your sisters. I have never felt more at home than I do with these girls and I refuse to let a day go by where I don't appreciate how wonderful they are to the fullest.

Both full outfits worn by Bec & Em - ASOS Curve.
Be wild, love and support your girl gang.
Lots Of Love,


  1. What a fun idea! I have a small group of plus bloggers/models and we've discussed trying to get together to do a full out girl gang photo shoot, only problem is, we're all really far away from each other!

    1. We actually all live quite far apart! I live about 5 hours from these girls but we set a weekend we were all free and got on it! You should absolutely do it! x