Monday, 19 October 2015

Love Thy Bust With Simply Be

I don't know about you, but I LOVE boobs. Big or small, they are all absolutely glorious. This month, Simply Be want us all to 'Love Thy Bust'. Whether this be getting to know the shape of your boobs and what is the best support for them, checking for lumps which is an essential task or simply getting a good measuring to make sure those puppies are enclosed as comfortably as possible!

Bra - Simply Be
I have always been a very busty individual, always. I remember being the first girl in my class to get boobs and after that day, they did not stop coming! Being plus size doesn't always mean being busty, but I find in my experience, the fact I am plus size has only increased my bust size a long with it haha! For many years, I made the age old mistake of not investing properly in GOOD, supportive but also cute bras. It is only over the last few years that I have started really spending time choosing my underwear. A few of my favourite large bust/back size lingerie brands are;
  • Curvy Kate - such a great, cute selection of both large cup and back sizes! There is always, always something for everyone and the girls at Curvy Kate are incredibly committed to promoting breast health and supporting breast cancer awareness!
  • Panache - Panache are a great stockist of incredible quality bras for larger cup/back sizes. They also stock a wonderful range of sports bras and their brief sizes go up to a very generous 22.
  • Simply Be - Of course, Simply Be have an incredible range of brands and sizes on offer. They have great sales and the variety of gorgeous patterns, materials and styles for all bust and back sizes is incredible!

Bra - Simply Be
I think its important to get to know the shape of your bust too. Despite what the media often portrays, not everyone has incredibly perky, very round boobs. In fact, shape is very varied throughout ladies! Personally, my breasts are what can be described as 'watermelons' haha! They are full, but sit in a U shape rather than a O. Bra wise, due to my bust size and shape, I find a full cup bra is what I prefer. It provides the best support and looks the best for me under clothes! If I'm planning some saucy activities, I might branch out into a balcony or a plunge because they look great but for comfort, practicality and support I would choose a full cup every time! Get to know your boobs - have a look at them and study the shape, get measured properly, treat yourself to nice underwear when you can afford it and most importantly - LOVE THY BUST.
For more information on the Love Thy Bust campaign, head on over to Love Thy Lady Lumps for a lot of great Bra based info from two fantastic lingerie bloggers as well as more information on how you can Love Thy Bust and raise awareness for breast cancer.
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