Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hot Red Kitty

Recently I was contacted by the ever wonderful team at Panache Lingerie and asked to review a set for them! Having reviewed for Panache before, I was so excited because the quality of their lingerie is pretty much second to none! Now I under NO circumstances profess to be a lingerie blogger or expect but it is so much fun to get to review the odd lingerie item for ya'll! I chose a set that has been popular with my fellow bloggers and I can more than see why!

Lingerie Set - Sculptresse for Panache.

This is the Kitty set in Hot Red and it is GLORUOUS! I am wearing a 42F and a size 22 bottoms and both fit incredibly. The support is impeccable (please ignore the fact my one boob looks a tad wonky, it's the way I was standing) and the sizing is amazing. I love full cup support, having an ample chest means I need as much support as I can get and I always feel best in a full cup. However this did used to mean it was granny bra's all the way for me but thanks to brands like Panache, that problem is no more! 

The pattern is a super cute star print. It's very subtle and can only really be seen in certain lights which I love as its like a sneaky little surprise pattern haha! It also has adorable leopard print bow detailing on both the bra and the panties - you can never go wrong with a bit of leopard print in my opinion! 

Overall I adore this set. It makes me feel sexy and sassy and gives me the great support I need for my ample chest! The back of the panties are also completely sheer which I love because it's a saucy little twist on high waisted panties - however I decided to save that image for my private life haha!

Lots Of Love,


  1. Sexy & sassy indeed ... you look amazing and can see why everyone is going gaga for this set!

    C xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely lady! I really cannot recommend it enough, it's so great and such a sexy set! X