Saturday, 28 March 2015

Paint It Black

I have never been one for fluorescent colours, ever. Due to my rather vibrant natural hair colour, I have always steered away from anything too bright or loud colour wise. Until I saw this dress!

Dress - Simply Be, Jacket - Elvi, Boots - Evans, Leggings - Newlook Inspire.

As soon as I saw this dress it caught my eye but due to my precious aversion to loud colours, I umm'ed and ahh'ed for weeks over it. Until one day I thought 'why not? I can always return it if it's really that awful'. But when I received it, I could not have loved it more instantly if I had tried. I sized up by 2 sizes because I love how a dropped waist looks if it's slightly oversized and I'm really glad i did as it is cut slightly smaller than the size stated. But the fit in this size is perfect. I am a total sucker for dropped waists - I think they look adorable and the brush stroke effect pattern is super unusual! The fact the base colour is black I believe is what allows me to feel comfortable with the other loud feature colours, which is great! I could not recommend this dress highly enough if I tried, it's perfect for casual or more dressy and I received so many compliments when wearing it!

This leather look jacket, with gold detailing from Elvi is always to die for! After the still devastating loss of my Beth Ditto for Evans leather look cropped jacket (I literally wore it to death), I was really struggling to find something that would fill that void in my wardrobe, until
This came a long! I love leather jackets but I am always wary I may end up looking too butch or too 'biker chick' which are about as far from me as possible, so the fact I fell in love with this as soon as I put it on for the first time was an added bonus! The fit is fantastic, the material is soft and fares well in the rain and it can add a touch of edge and glamour to any outfit!

Finding two pieces that bring me such joy really leaves me feeling so satisfied haha!

Lots Of Love,

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Yours Clothing Cardiff - The £35 Challenge

This week I was asked to pop to the lovely Yours Clothing store by St David's Shopping Centre in Cardiff to take on their £35 challenge! I was asked to pick out my favourite pieces from their Spring collection, all of which had to be under £35. I had such fun doing it and all the staff were lovely, as always! It was especially wonderful to meet the stores new manager, Katie, who has been whipping the store in to shape and the difference is already clear to see. The store looked gorgeous! Spacious and full of bang on trend items - well done Katie! Now, back to my challenge.
If I am totally honest, picking my favourite items all costing £35 or under was not difficult because we all know that Yours are incredible value for money! I think I only chose one item that cost the full £35, but here are my selections and recommendations for ya'll.
Chiffon Blouse With Sunray Pleat back And Dipped Hem - £30, Luxe Black Jacquard short Slim Leg Trousers With Bi-Stretch Waist - £29.
Now ya'll know I never wear trousers, but these beauties were calling me as soon as I spotted them! They have a gorgeous print, a super comfortable waist with a stretch back to it and sit at a great length on my ankle (I'm 5'7). This short is a classic pick for me, black chiffon never fails to look fabulous and glamorous! Teamed with these trousers and a simple black bra, it looks chic but also a little saucy!
Outfit as above, but also including this gorgeous, ankle length crochet cardigan which is now on sale with £10 off and check out the back of this shirt, it is flawless!
Cobalt Blue Swing Dress With Contrast Sheer Lace Top Panel - £30
This gorgeous dress was an easy choice for me as it's such a beautiful, classic cut and a stunning colour! The material is soft and a great quality and the lace panel at the top adds something a little sexy to the piece! I fell in love with this as soon as I tried it on and I would recommend sizing down because it's such a generous fit!
Navy And Red Floral Stripe Print Midi Dress - £35
This dress was the only item I tried on that cost the full £35 and it would absolutely be worth every single penny! It is such a soft, light material with an absolutely gorgeous fit! The waist has a tie that pulls you in and gives a lovely hourglass shape, a long with the skirt length being super flattering, girly and summery! The material would be perfect for a summer wedding or garden party but at the same time it could absolutely be dressed down for a more casual outing or even worn to work on a gorgeous sunny day!
Black Varsity No.28 Print Short sleeve t-shirt - £14 and Indigo Skinny Jeans With Stitch Detail - £20
I think it has probably been 10 years since I owned or even put a pair of jeans onto my body but as I was there to try a few different pieces, I thought why not and oh my gosh, I could not have been more surprised! These jeans are glorious. They make my bum look super fly and the fit is perfect. I did size up because I would hate to suffer from low riding/wriggling down issues and they were the perfect fit and length! This varsity t shirt is also something totally different for me but I really fell in love with it! It made me feel sports luxe and sexy as hell, especially as I grabbed it in a size 30 to allow for some extra slouch and room which meant it fell off of my shoulder! Plus at £14 it is an absolute steal!
Black two In One Top With Cat Print Blouse - £25
Ya'll know I'm a dog person through and through but I could not resist trying on this cute two in one jumper/shirt combo with this utterly adorable cat print for all my crazy cat lady sisters out there! It is such an unusual print and looks so cute with this thin, soft jumper. Its not a full shirt and the collar, cuffs and bottom are the only section with the cat material on them, the jumper section itself is just a thin black jumper but it is super cute. It would be perfect as a sweet addition to your office wardrobe to showcase your love of kitties!
Denim Blue Batwing Knitted Slouch Jumper - £18 and Light Blue Acid Wash Cropped Jeans With Cuffs - £25
Denim is a huge deal this season and I am crazy about this outfit! These cropped trousers are so comfortable and yet still manage to bring it in the style stakes and the same goes for this glorious oversized denim blue jumper! Both items are casual but given the right accessories could easily be styled up. This jumper is available in a variety of colours including some great fluorescent shades for those of you with a love of brights!
I had such a great time visiting the Cardiff store thanks to St David's Shopping Centre and the wonderful staff at Yours let me choose my favourite item to take away with me!! I decided to go with the gorgeous Cobalt Blue Swing Dress! I knew as soon as I put it on that it needed to be mine and I know I will wear it to death haha! Katie was even extra kind to me and also gave me some gorgeous Sally Hansen Nail Varnishes to try out too as Yours now sell makeup and pampering accessories (nail varnish, files etc) which ya'll should definitely check out!

Get down to your local Yours store now or get online and check out all the other stunning Spring items they now have available with more coming soon!
Lots Of Love,

Sunday, 15 March 2015

One Mint Julep

If I'm totally honest, I have never been a sweater kind of girl. I've always avoided things with high necks because they made me feel a little claustrophobic! Until now! 

Sweater - Simply Be, Skirt - Charity Ship, Shoes - Vivienne Westwood, Brooch - Charity Shop.

This cropped sweater from Simply Be is heavenly! Not only is it the most glorious, stretchy material ever but it is also super soft and luxurious! As I said, previously I have avoided things with high necks as I tend to find them a little restricting but the neckline on this is perfect. It sits high but doesn't feel like it's strangling me haha. The cute woven-esque knit pattern is adorable and makes me feel like a cute Grandma from the 1950's. I also love the colour, pastels seem to have made a big comeback this season and this gorgeous soft mint is definitely one of my favourite pastel shades. I also love the length of the sleeves, they're just below capped and just above the elbow - so cover any arm areas you might be concerned about   but are also short enough for this to be wearable in slightly warmer weather too.

I've had this brooch for such a long time but always struggled with what to wear it on because it's quite an unusual shape. As soon as i tried on this sweater, I knew it would be perfect for it. It sticks with the cute Grandma theme that I am definitely feeling with his outfit but gives the sweater a little pop of something instead of wearing more traditional jewellery items. 

I added a lick of my absolute favourite lipstick of the moment, Bourjois Rouge Edition in Rouge Jet Set! I love love love a bold lip! Although I've said it time and time again, I am primarily a matte lipstick girl, this Bourjois number has the perfect dash of shine to it that means it's super hydrating without being too glossy for me! 

Lots Of Love,

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Leopard & Lavender

After my short run of underwear reviews, I realised that it has been a while since there has been a new photograph of me on the Internet in my underwear. So, thanks to the wonderful team at Panache - I received a package in the mail this week that will full allow my to rectify that!

Bra & Panties - Sculptresse at Panache.

This is the Chi Chi set from Sculptresse at Panache and I am wearing a size 22 in the briefs and a 40H in the bra. THIS SET IS GLORIOUS! Not only is the print absolutely adorable but the structure of the bra is incredible. The thick shoulder straps and a thick back stap look a lot more flattering and again, are super comfortable! The back of the briefs are a totally sheer black, spotted material that is absolutely gorgeous but I decided not to photograph that as i didn't want this post to get to X Rated haha! They are also slightly higher waisted which is amazing for added support and comfort! 

There is nothing I love more than a cheeky bit of leopard print, especially when it's classy leopard print. The addition of the soft, lavender roses is perfect to break up the animal print and add another colour dimension to this set!

I cannot recommend this enough, it's comfortable, practical, glamorous and makes me feel super sexy! ‘Chi Chi is available online with Evans or you can find a Sculptresse stockist near you on the Panache website (both links below). Do it now! You will not regret it!

Lots Of Love,