Sunday, 13 March 2016

Bombers And Stripes

Please don't all gasp at once but I AM BACK! Of late my pregnancy has had me feeling pretty rough so all I've really been doing is working and sleeping haha. But this weekend I made sure to get a snap of my new favourite outfit.

Bomber - eBay, Dress - ASOS Curve, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Bag - Dr Martens (eBay), Shoes - Converse.

I have been wanting a bomber for so long but was really concerned about whether or not it would be too far away from my normal sense of style. When I saw this one for £15.99 on eBay I thought, right lets try it and I am so glad I did! It's such a cute, lightweight jacket - perfect to wear out in this ever changing weather. The material is soft and the quality (for the price) is brilliant. I also love that the detailing is gold rather than silver as I have never been one to wear much silver! All I did was search for 'plus size bomber jacket' on eBay and this beauty was waiting for me!

Since getting pregnant and really starting to feel it, my sense of style has changed. Not because I'm getting fashion lazy but because I needed to adapt my style to still make me look and feel good but also to accommodate the Bun bump and to allow for optimum comfort. Thanks to ASOS Curve, I have invested in so many amazing oversized t shirt-style dresses with plenty of growing room in them. This dress is glorious, the material is soft and thick, the length is perfect and the cute cuffed arms give the item some shape. I could not recommend it highly enough - whether you're pregnant or not! I'm not usually a white kinda girl literally because I'm far too clumsy to keep anything white stain free haha but so far so good, I have managed to avoid any kind of spillage on this dress! 

I'm sorry Chris, but this bag is the love of my life. I have lusted after it for months and months, ever since it first arrived in stores. So when I was in a position to finally snag myself one, I thought I'd check eBay first just in case and low and behold, I found this beauty! I paid £20 less than the original 'new' price and the bag is in flawless condition. I know £20 may not seem like much but every little definitely helps! As expected from Dr Marten, the quality is incredible and I can tell that it was a solid investment that will be with me for a long while! 

Now I won't say too much about my shoes as I will be writing a seperate post about them but they are so freaking comfortable. The leather look means they are super easy to wipe clean (although clearly I haven't done that in a while here so I do apologise haha) and go with 99% of outfits!

Just to finish off, for those of ya'll that haven't seen on Instagram, here is a picture of our little wriggly Bun at 12 weeks!

It feels so good to write a post for ya'll again! I am going to try and keep up with my posts a lot more now as I have really missed sharing my outfits and life with you guys! 

Lots Of Love,