Tuesday, 17 May 2016

London Underwear

So this Saturday just gone, the INCREDIBLE girls at Curvy Kate organised a glorious day for my girls and I in London. We ate a wonderful breakfast before heading to the beautiful 'Undressed' exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum and finally enjoyed an incredible afternoon tea at Bistro 15 in Kensington! I did all of this whilst wearing my first ever piece from Navabi!

Breakfast at Le Quin Quotidien with the incredible Becky, Em and Elena!

The 'Undressed' exhibition at the V&A explores the history and evolution of underwear. Although you weren't allowed to take pictures, I didn't see the sign, so managed to snap a couple before being told off (whoops!) including a maternity corset! I would recommend this exhibition to anyone! It is so much fun and so interesting to see how fashions and preferences have changed over the centuries. There are some unbelievable couture pieces included and although there is a small charge to enter the exhibition, if you get the chance to check it out, do it!!

On route to afternoon tea, post exhibition, with the beautiful Chantelle from Curvy Kate!

Afternoon tea was life changing. Bistro 15 is based at the Pelham Hotel in South Kensington and is truly glorious. We were the only people in the bistro, the service was wonderful and the cakes, sandwiches and tea were to die for. Truly! As Elena and myself are both knocked up (haha), we did not partake in the Prosecco but the Jasmine tea I had was beautiful. If you are looking for somewhere fancy to enjoy a delightful afternoon - I definitely recommend Bistro 15! Treat yourselves! We were also lucky enough to receive amazing Curvy Kate gift bags which included a set each for us! Mine is absolutely beautiful and as always with CK, faultlessly fitting and comfortable. I will post a review of it fully for y'all over the next few weeks! 

Shirt Dress - Miss Yoek At Navabi, Leggings - Newlook Inspire, Shoes - Converse, Bag - Dr Marten, Neck Tie - Borrowed.

So, to my outfit! I had never had anything from Navabi before this piece and oh my gosh, I had been missing out! This shirt is the most wonderful quality, soft, breathable cotton. I sized up twice because I needed to allow for bump growth haha! This is a size 28-30 and it's INCREDIBLY generous. London was very hot and sweaty the day we went but the light, gentle fabric allowed my pregnant body to be more than comfortable in that climate haha. My only tiny criticisms of this shirt dress would be that it is very sheer, so if you prefer full coverage it may not be for you and the soft cotton creases very easily - so after a 2 hour train journey, I was already looking a little disheveled! However, please do not let those little things stop you from investing in this beauty. I love the subtle stripe and the shorter sleeves and I know I am going to wear this basically until it falls off me over the summer haha. 

I would really like to say a huge, huge thank you to Curvy Kate for making this day happen. Without them I don't think I would have gotten to see my girls before little Bun is born, nor would I have gotten to share my pregnant energy via bump touching with beautiful, beautiful Mana Elena. I had such a special, fun day and it really is a day that will stay with me for a very long time!

Lots Of Love,


  1. Just noticed Becky and Em 'bump' touching in the background of the last photo and I actually made a snorty sound laughing.

    It's such a cliche, but it's true - you look radiant!

    (And I want that shirt dress!)

  2. Hahaha they were 'cake baby bumping' ��!
    Thank you darling, that's so kind of you! I also really cannot recommend this shirt enough, such great quality! X

  3. nice shots...:) looks delicious!

    1. Thank you lovely lady! It was such an ace day, full of super delicious treats haha x

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