Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Colonel Mustard

IT IS NOVEMBERRRR! I've said it before and I'll say it again, cold, Winter weather makes me so happy. What makes me even happier is finding the perfect knitwear to keep me warm during said weather! 


Jumper - ASOS Curve, Shirt Dress - ASOS Curve, Leggings - Yours Clothing Bump It Up, Shoes - Primark.

This jumper is the knitwear of dreams. The colour, the quality, the fit - EVERYTHING. It's a heavy, thick wool knit and the high neck is glorious - it's high enough to look good but not too high that it irritates my face, which I have found can happen with some higher necklines. It is a generous size so I would say you could even size down if you were looking for a more fitted finish, but I bought mine in my general size and its exactly what I wanted. It's so great to throw on over 99% of my wardrobe, which as a new Mum, is so handy as I don't have anywhere near the time I used to to plan my outfits haha.


Primary are absolutely killing it in the shoe department right now. These beauties are £10 and from the wide fit section. I would say that if you do have very wide feet, the fit may not be great because I don't have especially wide feet and the fit on these is great, but other than that, I cannot recommend them enough! I adore black patent shoes and the tiny heel makes me feel fabulous, as I am terrible in any heel even remotely bigger than this haha. I also really love the unusual square toe! I tend to choose pointier shoes normally but i feel teamed with the black patent and small chunky heel, this square toe gives a great, classy finish to the shoe! 

It's so nice to be getting back into blogging. Yes, with our little Bun, it is harder to find the time to dedicate to it regularly, but the time I can spend doing it is a great outlet and is helping me feel like me again!

To finish, have a picture of our beautiful Eli, who is now 8 weeks old and such a strong, clever, wonderful little human being (note his sweet Halloween outfit haha).


Lots Of Love,

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