Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Monki Business

So Monki has been a brand name that I've been hearing around for a little while now. They aren't a brand that cater to plus sizes so as a middle range fat (24-26), rather than a smaller fat, I was sceptical that they would be a brand that I could purchase from. However, after seeing a selection of fellow bloggers, all a similar size to me, raving about Monki, I decided it was time to take the plunge and I am so glad that I did!!


Jacket - Old Elvi, Dress - Monki, Shoes - Simply Be, Socks - Topshop, Scarf - Next (Men's range), Leggings - Yours Clothing Bump It Up Maternity.

THIS DRESS IS SO WONDERFUL!!!! I was told that most Monki items in a size L and listed as oversized would fit my size 24-26 frame. Like I said, I was sceptical, but I had no reason to be. This high neck, midi dress in a super soft jersey is PERFECT. Honestly, the sizing is actually better than a lot of items I own that are specifically designed for plus sizes. It does go to show that sometimes risking it with a 'straight size' brand is more than worth it. The jersey is super soft and super stretchy, the midi length is something I adore and the three quarter length sleeves are ace. There is a slight bat wing feel to the sleeves which i know some people don't enjoy, but it fits this dress perfectly. There are several oversized L options on the Monki website and on the ASOS website that I will absolutely be trying over time, when funds are permitting. Something else i love about Monki is that their pricing is very reasonable for what you get. This dress was only £25, which is a bargain really! 

My only TINY TINY criticism is that the material doesn't wash all that well, I've washed it twice and there is a very slight bobbling in some areas, however as the price is great, this isn't really a massive issue at all.  

So if you're a mid range fat and wondering about the possibility of Monki, try it! Be brave! Make sure you choose a size L and items listed as oversized and you'll be totally fine.

Lots Of Love,


  1. I love Monki! Unfortunately they're closing down stores in Sweden at the minute but I hope they'll survive. You look fab in this dress, really suits you x

    1. Oh no! That's such a shame! Thank you darling, it's such a great dress! X