Monday, 5 December 2016

Rose Glow

GOD BLESS BLACK FRIDAY! I've never previously partaken in the Black Friday sales, but this year, the ASOS website was just too good to resist!


Top - ASOS Curve, Skirt - George At ASDA, Tights - Evans, Shoes - Converse.

I have been lusting after this glorious top four r so long but I didn't feel I could justify getting it as it really isn't a colour I would normally choose. However, as soon as I saw the ASOS Black Friday sale, I felt like this would be the perfect time to invest and I am NOT disappointed. Granted, since having Eli, I have dropped one if not two dress sizes but for some reason I can't get that into my head, so I ordered this top in a 26 and it's DEFINITELY too big. But, other than my inability to accept my new size, this top is FLAWLESS. The velvet is heavy and great quality, the cut is unusual and interesting and I love the fact it has long sleeves. This top has shown me that I need to start trying new things fashion wise as this is not a colour I would normally choose but I'm so glad I did, as I love it!


This isn't the greatest photo to showcase it, but this Plisse skirt from ASDA is fantastic. It's black and ever so slightly shimmery, super stretchy and comfy and a great length. Plisse is such a huge trend at the moment and I had been waiting to find the right piece & this is definitely it - it's so versatile and I know I'm going to wear it until it falls apart! I particularly love it as part of this outfit because the contrasting textures are so perfect! 

Lots Of Love, 

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