Tuesday, 19 July 2016

My Wedding Day

So it seemed appropriate that the first blog post I write in FOREVER, is all about my absolutely magical wedding day. It sounds like such a cliche but it really was the most beautiful day of my life and the fact I got to marry my best friend and soul mate is something I can never put into words as to quite how lucky I feel!

Dress - ASOS Curve, Shoes - Vivienne Westwood, Flowers - handmade/dried by  a wonderful woman I found on eBay! 

I know there has been a lot of issue with ASOS of late and their basically entire dismissal of the term plus size because 'labels aren't cool'. But that aside, I cannot recommend their bridal curve range enough. Not only am I plus size which is a stumbling block when it comes to finding a beautiful, reasonably priced dress but I am also 8 months pregnant! This dress is a size 26 and cost £180 (I believe it might even be in the sale now!) and I really could not have felt more heavenly on the day. I put the dress on at 11am and didn't take it off until 12am and only towards the very end of our day did I begin to feel uncomfortable but that was due to my pregnant state NOT the dress. The lace detailing across the neckline and back is so delicate and gorgeous and the full skirt is a perfect level of flouncy without being too OTT. There is a HUGE amount of room in the skirt which was great as I bought the dress when I was 4 months pregnant and considerably smaller. The best part however may be that I did not wear a bra the entire day (as I didn't want to spoil the line of the beautiful back) and the cup of the dress is padded enough that I felt perfectly supported and not worried about over exposure haha! It was a really warm day so the fact there were no sleeves really helped keep me cool and although I don't tend to go sleeveless, I didn't feel at all uncomfortable getting my arms out! I'm also 5'7 roughly and the length was perfect, it sat just below my knee. I really never thought I'd wear white, but I cannot recommend this dress enough to anyone! 

We didn't have a huge wedding or a remotely formal wedding - we just aren't those kind of people. The day was so relaxed and we said to all our guests, we'd love you to dress up but however YOU feel most fabulous! There was no colour scheme or heavily implemented dress code (not that I have ANY issue with formal weddings at all, they just wouldn't have worked for us). Chris spent the entire day telling me how amazing I looked and in 9 out of 10 of the photos he has his hand on Bun and he didn't even realise he was doing it! We got to share this day with the most beautiful, wonderful people - both friends and family and I will never be able to thank them enough for all they did to help us have a wonderful day and the time they spent celebrating it with us. 

This may also seem very unconventional but neither of our families actually met until the wedding day! We were a little nervous as its a big deal meeting the 'family in law' for both sides, but thankfully everyone got on wonderfully and there was so much love and laughter all day long. 

I really never thought I'd get married, or have children but honestly, meeting Chris changed all of that. He has completely turned me upside down and managed to dig out the best and happiest side of me that I thought was long gone. He tells me I'm beautiful every day and I could never have dreamt of a more wonderful man to be the father to my children and the person I spend the rest of my life with. It sounds so cheesy but I mean every single word with all of my heart. I love the bones of this man and the fact he is so stupidly handsome might help just a little bit hehe. 

After moving house a week before our wedding, then the actual getting married we now have a short breather until we welcome our beautiful little boy into our family and we both could not be more excited!

Lots Of Love,