Saturday, 18 February 2017

Weaning With Babease

Ever since Eli was first born, he was always the hungriest baby. I eventually stopped breastfeeding because I as struggling to satisfy him and now he's moving on to solids, he is exactly the same! The more food the better haha. So (and believe me I am well aware that the 'government recommended' age is 6 months) at 4 and a half months, we decided to start trying Eli with a meal.

So I jumped for joy when I was lucky enough to be sent THE most beautiful package from the lovely people at Babease, to aid us on our weaning journey!


Since we started trialling Eli with foods, I have realised that when buying pouches, the variety of first stage flavours, are generally, pretty sad. Mostly sweet with very little flare! But Babease are COMPLETELY the opposite. They offer a gorgeous range of organic, complex, beautifully combined and seasoned savoury and sweet flavours for first stage (4+ months) weaning. 

The package from Babease was beautifully and not only did they give us a sample of all their first stage weaning flavours but they threw in some of the second stage pouches too (7+ months). These have an equally great selection of flavours with great seasoning (herbs and spices), the only difference between the two is that the second stage pouches are thicker and more textured. (Note that they also sent a GORGEOUS organic cotton bib to help Eli stay nice and mush free haha). 

When we received this package we had been giving Eli pouches at lunch time for a little while so we decided to give something different a go. We are combining baby led weaning and the more traditional 'mush' weaning and this is working brilliantly for us, allowing Eli to get used to the full range of new flavours and textures. So I baked a sweet potato for Eli and then we added a little squeeze of one of the second stage weaning pouches to add some ace new flavours for him to try! 

As you can see, this was a HUGE success!

We have been incredibly lucky in that we have not given Eli one thing he hasn't liked. He hasn't spat anything out or refused anything, he wants to munch whatever he can haha. 

I cannot recommend Babease pouches enough! They are fantastic quality, organic and offer a BRILLIANT range of flavours and textures (including herbs and spices) from stage one weaning. Once opened they need to be stored in the fridge and eaten within 24 hours but that's perfect as Eli is currently having half a pouch per meal! Aside from online, you can grab Babease in most Boots stores and at plenty of other retailers. If you're looking for pouches for an easy, balanced meal, dinner on the go or to start trialling your baby with new flavours/textures, there's a Babease pouch for every occasion! 

Before signing off I would like to add that EVERY child is different and EVERY baby weans differently and at a different age. We started weaning Eli early as we felt he was ready and he has more than proved that we definitely made the right decision. Where baby weaning is concerned my only advice would be trust your decision and let NO ONE tell you 'what is best' for your child. Whether you combine weaning as we are, only baby led wean or only mush wean, it is YOUR decision. Never let any of these preachy online articles or 'sudden baby experts' steer you onto a path you are not comfortable with!

But thank you Babease for helping us with our weaning journey and helping Eli enjoy yet more food haha!

Lots Of Love,

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