Thursday, 16 March 2017

Style XL Awards With Curvy Kate

After a little fashion hiatus, I am back! I've said this before, but, of late, I have felt rather irrelevant in the blogging world, as if no one is really interested in what I'm wearing any more! So I think I let that put me off jumping back into the fashion saddle. However, after having a think about it, I decided that really, I do this for me, it's just a GIGANTIC bonus if anyone is even remotely interested in what I put on my body! So I am back!

This weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Style XL Awards, courtesy of Curvy Kate. The Curvy Kate girls are not only INCREDIBLE human beings, inside and out, but they have always been so supportive of me as a blogger. I would not have had even half the blogging opportunities I have had if it weren't for this brand and I really can't thank them enough! Plus their bras have made my boobies look consistently incredible for the last few years haha (there is no better brand out there for big ol' boobies in my opinion).

Now! Back to what I wore!


Dress - ASOS Curve & Shoes - Vivienne Westwood

For the first time since having Eli, I felt FABULOUS on Sunday. Like really, badass. This dress is heavenly. I had been eyeing it up for months but didn't buy it as I didn't think I'd have an occasion appropriate for it so as soon as I found out I would be attending the awards, I snapped it up! I also managed to grab it for £25 in the sale!! The plisse material is insanely soft, comfortable and stretchy. Although these photos make it look ankle length, that's just angle, it actually sits about mid calf on me and I'm 5'7! The high neck and sleeves are so retro and the simple button fastening on the neck make it really easy without you feeling choked! I did size up once just to ensure there were no 'clinging to the pouch' issues and I'm glad I did so I'd definitely say size up once if you don't want it quite as form fitting. The colour is an incredible slightly metallic burnt orange and it made me feel like a glorious fat goddess!


But even more important than the outfit, was that I got to see my girls. Elena, Becky and Em. Over the past few years we have only seen one another 2/3 times but it feels as if we have been through everything together. I am so honoured to call these incredible, strong, beautiful, courageous and badass women my friends. They continually surprise me with their capability to turn absolute shit into gold. I love them more than I can say!


I would like to say a huge congratulations to all the evenings winners and despite it being the furthest distance wise I had ever been from Eli, which did me slightly twitchy, I had an incredible time with wonderful people.

Lots Of Love,


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    1. Love you too you glorious maiden <3 x

  2. You look amazing - like a silver screen siren!

    C x

    1. You are too kind! Thank you so much <3 x