Friday, 30 June 2017

Black And Gold

I'm a dress and leggings girl through and through. They are my fashion bread and butter and never fail me. But after seeing so many plus size women looking INCREDIBLE in jeans, I was continually tempted to step outside of my comfort zone. I kept putting it off and putting it off until one day I thought, no, it is time!

Top - River Island Plus, Jeans - Very, Boots - River Island.

So here I am! In all my fat, jeans wearing glory and I LOVE IT! I never thought those words would pass my lips in relation to jeans, but it's true! I did shop around when looking for my jeans. I knew I wanted black and I knew I wanted ripped but there were so many options. In the end, I went for these beauties from Very. They are super skinny, super stretchy and SUPER fabulous. These are a size 26 and fit fantastically, they are very snug but a relaxed enough material (especially around my tummy pouch area) that they are still super comfy. I can bend and stretch with ease and although I chose to wear them with a ten up (because I do enjoy a turn up), they are the perfect ankle length. These are a size 26 and due to the stretch I would say I could have even gone down to a 24 with no issue! 

This is the first piece I've ever bought from the River Island Plus range and I am totally sold. Although these pictures done showcase it very well, it's actually a very fine gingham. The material is SUPER light weight and airy and the fit is relaxed and flowy. There isn't a huge amount of stretch in the fabric however, it isn't rigid but it's not elasticated by any means so depending on how you like things to fit, I would probably recommend sizing up once. The Bardot neckline stays off the shoulders perfectly with minimal fussing and the tie sleeves are a super cute addition!

I had to end this post talking about the boots. THESE BOOTS! They are without a doubt my find of the year. £10 in the River Island sale!!! £10!!!! Now ya'll that know me will know I don't ever wear heels, of any kind but for these beauties, I am willing to work through it. That being said, considering they are new, pointy and have a heel, I wore them out last night with 0 issues. No rubbing, no pinching, no saw feet, nothing! They are so beautiful, I feel I will find any possible excuse to wear them, even if they are clearly not an everyday shoe haha! 

Lots Of Love,

Saturday, 10 June 2017

True Blue With Navabi

I AM BACK!! It has taken a little while for me to get back to a place where I felt comfortable blogging again. After lots of chats with my wonderful husband, he made me realise I shouldn't be doing this for other people, I should be doing it for myself, because I enjoy it. So I've now decided that I won't be putting any pressure on myself to blog everyday, have model quality photographs, have the most followers or any of the other competitive aspects that can come with blogging. I will still mostly feature fashion but I will also be incorporating some baby/mama posts too and plan to have a rejig/rebrand as soon as I can! I'm just going to do my thang and if people enjoy reading then that is an incredible bonus! 

Anyway! Back to the fashion, FINALLY! Navabi have always been a brand that I have a huge respect for. Despite being pricier than some other plus size brands, they provide absolutely outstanding quality, an incredible level of choice and offer plus size women real designer options! 

I was lucky enough to be sent a GLORIOUS ruffle look denim number from latest Manon Baptiste collection and as a busy Mum that craves stylish, plus size, quick but fabulous options - this has ticked every single box!


Dress - Manon Baptiste at Navabi, Leggings - Very Maternity, Socks - Topshop, Shoes - River Island, Glasses - Specsavers (£89 range).

Firstly I would like to apologise for the slight creasing of the dress! Chasing a crawling/cruising baby all day very rarely allows for uncreased fashion haha! But I ADORE this dress!! I sized up just incase, as I feel with denim you never know how heavy it will be so I thought better safe than sorry but on arrival I realised I really didn't need too! The fit is incredibly true to size and the cut is hugely flattering. I love the ruffle detail across the shoulders as it gives a traditional denim dress a real twist. It's SUPER soft and comfortable, really lightweight and will absolutely be an item I can wear throughout the summer but the winter too. I also feel that if you have any areas of your body you aren't comfortable with baring, this dress will flatter them ALL so there are no worries in that department either! I cannot recommend it highly enough. At £84.99, it is on the higher price compared to items I would usually feature but it is 100% worth the money, the quality pays for itself! 


Just a quick word on my shoes! These are from River Island and I LOVE THEM!!!! The fur is ridiculously OTT but they're so cute I couldn't resist them. They're super easy to wear and can be teamed with mostly anything! The only thing I will say is the elastic that allows them to be slip on is very tight so they can be quite tough to get on! So if you have wider feet, I would probably say avoid. 

It feels SO GOOD to be back in the blogging seat. For updates sake, have a recent picture of Eli who is now 9 months! He crawled at 8 months and started cruising just before 9, has 3 teeth (with 3 more on the cusp) he sleeps in his in room (as of this week) and is just the most beautiful, clever, hilarious little man. 

Lots Of Love,