Friday, 30 June 2017

Black And Gold

I'm a dress and leggings girl through and through. They are my fashion bread and butter and never fail me. But after seeing so many plus size women looking INCREDIBLE in jeans, I was continually tempted to step outside of my comfort zone. I kept putting it off and putting it off until one day I thought, no, it is time!

Top - River Island Plus, Jeans - Very, Boots - River Island.

So here I am! In all my fat, jeans wearing glory and I LOVE IT! I never thought those words would pass my lips in relation to jeans, but it's true! I did shop around when looking for my jeans. I knew I wanted black and I knew I wanted ripped but there were so many options. In the end, I went for these beauties from Very. They are super skinny, super stretchy and SUPER fabulous. These are a size 26 and fit fantastically, they are very snug but a relaxed enough material (especially around my tummy pouch area) that they are still super comfy. I can bend and stretch with ease and although I chose to wear them with a ten up (because I do enjoy a turn up), they are the perfect ankle length. These are a size 26 and due to the stretch I would say I could have even gone down to a 24 with no issue! 

This is the first piece I've ever bought from the River Island Plus range and I am totally sold. Although these pictures done showcase it very well, it's actually a very fine gingham. The material is SUPER light weight and airy and the fit is relaxed and flowy. There isn't a huge amount of stretch in the fabric however, it isn't rigid but it's not elasticated by any means so depending on how you like things to fit, I would probably recommend sizing up once. The Bardot neckline stays off the shoulders perfectly with minimal fussing and the tie sleeves are a super cute addition!

I had to end this post talking about the boots. THESE BOOTS! They are without a doubt my find of the year. £10 in the River Island sale!!! £10!!!! Now ya'll that know me will know I don't ever wear heels, of any kind but for these beauties, I am willing to work through it. That being said, considering they are new, pointy and have a heel, I wore them out last night with 0 issues. No rubbing, no pinching, no saw feet, nothing! They are so beautiful, I feel I will find any possible excuse to wear them, even if they are clearly not an everyday shoe haha! 

Lots Of Love,

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